“You can take the pain. Because its beautiful. The look of suffering, the fear, the torment, the terror.

There is no sunrise nor view of an early morning valley that can compare to the beauty of a woman in the will of a Sadist. To watch her eyes widen in wait of his tools. The gasp and tear of pain. The wet flow of pleasure they take from their own suffering, like a woman who squirms and trembles as her body screams for it to stop.

You see her. Her mind slipped to another place. her eyes locked, dilated. Her breathing nothing more than gasps between the shots of pain. The table drenched in her own juices as each wave brings another out of her. She trembles, shakes, gasps, sobs, begs, and cums.

There is nothing under heaven, more beautiful than this..”

These words in my inbox caught my attention. They started a conversation that resulted in a face-to-face meeting which went well. Now the ball is in my court. Do I want to go back? Am I brave enough?

The men I have been seeing give me pain, but they are not Sadists. It is not the same. I have been craving that symbiotic connection. I have been missing losing myself completely in the pain. I miss the creature in me that comes out only then.

So now I have the opportunity with a very experienced, strong Sadist. A man with his own dungeon in a 100 year old cellar. I want to go there… but I am afraid. He is a much more extreme Sadist than Sir.

Will I go kneel at his door as he requires?

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  1. mollyskiss says:

    Wow, those are pretty amazing words. He can clearly write and if he can Dom like that too!!??
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