Graveyard Shift

I started my new job last night. I think it will take a few days to get adjusted to working the graveyard shift. But I know I am going to like it there.
It was a very pleasant surprise to walk in and see another familiar face. I knew the man who interviewed me, and felt instantly comfortable there. But last night I saw an extremely hot young man that I had gone to school with last year. At the time, he was the only man in my class, so of course I partnered up with him for all the hands on training. Well, somebody had to… He can not only take sexual harassment very well, he can dish it out too. If I remember correctly, he even got a blush or two out of me, and that is not easy to do.

There is not much time at work for flirting, but the occasional smart-assed comment, or better yet the things not said that he knows I am thinking, should keep me grinning while I work. (He was actually in one of my dreams while I was sleeping today. A very HOT dream. Usually my fantasy men do not have faces… or at least I am not paying attention to that detail…) I get to go to work again tonight. Yay!

I also started classes again last week. I hope I can keep up with the schedule while I am adjusting to this new shift. And, of course, there is a very sexy man in class to keep me interested. 😉

And finally on Saturday night (well, actually Sunday morning) I got fucked. After hours of being tortured by this couple, first acting “normal” in front of their vanilla friends forever, then hours more of torture with toys, hands, and mouths, I thought I was going to end my evening (yet again) without being fucked. Believe me, by 3 am, I had cum so many times I didn’t think I would be able to anymore. I have not been suffering a lack of orgasms! They both knew I was having serious cock withdrawals and were enjoying tormenting me. I finally broke down and begged for him to fuck me. God, I do so love the feeling of a cock inside me… *sigh*

Hopefully later this week or next week I will get to celebrate my Kinkiversary with the man that got me started on all of this. Plus I really do want to go visit that Sadist again. (If that was a “tame” session with him I can’t wait to find out what he is… and I am… like when he really gets serious!) If that isn’t enough, the Dom I have seen that gets me in that really subby, objectified mode will hopefully get a break or two from his work soon….

*sigh* So much cock, so little time…

(*Re-reading this random rambling tells me I need to take another nap before work.) 🙂

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