This is a post that I enjoyed and asked permission to re-post. It describes that feeling I do enjoy so much. I tried to explain it in Objectified, but this is so much better.

It was written by Alexa and posted on her blog The Real Princess Diaries. She is a very smart, very talented Sexual Jedi and a new modern courtesan, or, as most of the world knows her, an escort, or professional companion. She also brightens my day often as @Alexa_DiCarlo on twitter.


by Alexa


Walk in and slap me across the face with your open hand.
Call me a whore, as if I were in a position to argue.

Grab me by the hair and drag me to the bedroom.

Bend me over the foot board.

Force me into a submissive position.

Raise up my skirt, letting me know you just want to use my cunt.

Tear the thong away from my ass.

Shove your thick cock inside me.

Pull my head back by my hair;

Force me to watch myself be used in the mirror.

Use your other hand to tighten the collar around my neck.

Fuck the shit out of me like you own me, because you do, for an hour.

Make me scream, moan, and growl like an animal.

Use me to masturbate yourself.

Don’t worry about whether or not I’m enjoying it.

Use me like a piece of meat;

A fuck hole.


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  1. Jack says:

    Where might one find a fuckmeat in southern Indiana?