What a Week!

I am finally relaxing a bit and looking back on the past week or so. In addition to my regular (vanilla) life and trying to visit friends that like to fuck and beat me, I have been searching for a Dom.

I have been filtering through emails, responding when I feel the need, deleting many without response. I have been chatting, asking questions, eliminating those that are not good matches for my needs or theirs. Searching for a Dom has turned out to be very time consuming, and a ton of typing!

Out of all of them, two interested me the most. I agreed to meet both of them.

One was honestly just for a one-time mindfuck that worked out very nicely. A little present to myself that sparked quite a debate on Non-Consent. (Ultimately it is only my opinion that really matters in this case. I LOVED IT!)

The other so far seems to be exactly what I was looking for, and after last night, I am satisfied I can stop my search. There will be more writing about that to come, I am sure…

I also got hired for the job I wanted today. All week long I have been also been busy with resumes, interviews, and all the other fun that goes with switching employment. But this interview I went to today was the best job of them all. It was so nice to be offered the position that I want, the shifts that I want, and get offered what works out to more than 50% more pay.

So all in all, I am very satisfied today. I have nothing else I have to do except normal home stuff. I am going to relax and enjoy the hell out of this! Next week is going to be a different story…
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