Too Fucked To Write


I was just realizing how much I haven’t been writing about on here. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about. I have too much to write about. I have just been in a happy, floaty, afterglow kind of feeling for the past couple of weeks. I have noticed I tend to write more when I am more tense. 😉

I did write about the rape scene, but I did not write about the visit I made to a friend before I went over there.

I mentioned looking for, and possibly finding, a new Dom but have not gone into the details of our meetings or first play date.

I wrote briefly about the very first part of the lesbian scene. That day was so hot and non-stop intense it would have to be a series of stories!

I tweeted about a twofer, but haven’t gone into detail. The first of my dates that day started with the peeling of ginger and involved lots of rope, cuffs, and pain was only one of the many sensations he tortured me with. Then a short break before my next date. J, after admiring the fresh bruising P left on my thighs, continued the torture.

I don’t think I even mentioned the most recent night except to friends. An amazing threesome with a wonderful beating. I am still a bit floaty from that one… *sigh again*

So I have managed to stay busy. About the only thing that did not work out was my second meeting with that Dom. I was disappointed. I do love getting all subby sometimes and I was looking forward to being completely objectified. I wish he were better able to plan his schedule, but in his field that is not always an option.

At least I had the company of some very good friends to help me get through the disappointment… (Thanks guys! :* ) Now my schedule is going to change and there will be less fucking… but more time for writing. Stay tuned!
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