The Captain Speaks

Me: Did you ask a question on my website?

Capt Aizen: did i?
Me: I am asking you silly. Tonight…

Capt Aizen: tonight? no

Capt Aizen: not me. sorry i was trying out a new slave candidate today
Me: Ok. Figured you would have just ask me. Oh, busy? I will leave you alone

Capt Aizen: yep i would have. I’m good, she is in time out
Me: The closet?

Capt Aizen: lol u remember!
Me: Smart girl… With the smart mouth… Remember?

Capt Aizen: yep, i said it was a punishment. but really to let her rest. yes u are
Me: See. Told you there were girls there. Aww… A nice sadist…

Capt Aizen: is still just a try out, not breaking her in. i think she’s more sub than slave tho =\
Me: Still fun

Capt Aizen: fun and alotta work
Me: Can’t be a slave without that connection. It’s only the first time…

Capt Aizen: we have that spark, but i dunno if that life is for her
Me: I know. I always told Sir it seemed like a lot of work and I was getting the best end of the deal… Screaming my head off…

Capt Aizen: hehe is alot of fun making u scream
Me: You haven’t made me scream… 😛

Capt Aizen: i meant in general. tho im sure i could make u cry =)
Me: Now? Probably. Please Don’t. You know what button to push.

Capt Aizen: =D
Me: No fun making me cry on instant messenger anyway

Capt Aizen: sadly no, need to see the tears
Me: I know. Well have fun with your girl in the closet

Capt Aizen: ur leaving? ur just jealous ur not in my closet =P
Me: I was considering masturbating myself to sleep.

Capt Aizen: mmm anyway i can help?
Me: Even if you were here I would still be at work…

Capt Aizen: at work?
Me: Been on edge for a while. Not much help required. Work 24 hr shifts… Ladies finally asleep

Capt Aizen: ooh right.
Me: My time… At least til one wakes up

Capt Aizen: u like girls right? anything u wanna know about her? =P
Me: Nothing I can really think of right now. Are you letting her cum?

Capt Aizen: yes, she blacked out twice already
Me: Love that when it happens

Capt Aizen: =P
Me: You could tell me some of the things you have done to her…

Capt Aizen: she got the spatula!
Me: Love the dom’s point of view

Capt Aizen: she might have permanent spatula imprints on her ass…
Me: With or without holes in it? Metal or plastic?

Capt Aizen: slotted plastic. and her breasts are just as sore. but i slapped them around with my hands. i loove boobs =P
Me: My poor boobs the other day….

Capt Aizen: oh hush u loved it. this girl is new to the life tho
Me: Hate when clothespins come off after long time

Capt Aizen: hehe and blood rushes back tot he nerves
Me: I consider myself a newbie still. OMFG that hurts

Capt Aizen: lol duh
Me: Especially after grinding them on the carpet… Then attacked right away by a crop

Capt Aizen: not a spatula!? =P lol
Me: A very hard crop. No flex or give.

Capt Aizen: what should i do with this girl tonight?
Me: Very thuddy. Hmmm. So all you have done is the spatula?

Capt Aizen: well mine is the spatula of doooooom. no, not all
Me: Got a hitachi?

Capt Aizen: no just a stick vib and some dildos, butt plug, gags, blindfold, my big swinging cock
Me: Hog tie her but with hands and feet in front face down. Tie the vibe on her leg so it’s on her clit and she can’t get away. Blindfolded and gagged of course. Buttplug in. Whip her into oblivion, fuck her silly, and leave her there for forever with the vibe still on.

Capt Aizen: the grand finale. just use it all? this is just a test remember, not a breakin
Me: From personal experience it is torture…

Capt Aizen: mmmm i like it tho
Me: 15 minutes can be forever… Actually that was the beginning of an evening with Sir… Then he got mean… Lol

Capt Aizen: i think beat her until she screams for daddy. then fuck her, rape her until im dry, then leave her
Me: I was left like that for about an hour on display while he went and sunbathed…

Capt Aizen: oh love putting them on display. my fav is hands and knees tied to the coffee table
Me: He had that damned remote out there with him too…

Capt Aizen: hehe i used that have that. it broke =P
Me: Clapper plus only $25 at rite-aid… Plus the whip and screams turn it off and on…

Capt Aizen: oh, i had a wireless egg
Me: Are you on your computer?

Capt Aizen: yes, you?
Me: iPhone. Can you copy and paste this chat and email it to me? I would like to put it on my blog. Me & Capt Aizen

Capt Aizen: is a lil personal, what with my new application n all
Me: Lol. Not all of it

Capt Aizen: well probably
Me: None of her stuff

Capt Aizen: hehe
Me: You can read it first

Capt Aizen: tho… i am a fan of humiliation =P
Me: Please?

Capt Aizen: THAT’s what i was waiting for
Me: Good hot conversation…

Capt Aizen: hot? was pretty tame actually
Me: Well hot without being too intimate

Capt Aizen: lol sadly
Me: Entertaining slutty blog post

Capt Aizen: i do like slutty sub girls. tho i like em best with my balls in their mouth
Me: Duh…

Capt Aizen: -.-
Me: 😀

Capt Aizen: try that agn sub…
Me: Pretty please?

Capt Aizen: lol nice save
Me: I was grinning thinking about balls in my mouth

Capt Aizen: kinda want mine in ur mouth
Me: I know I have a big mouth but (*city name removed) is too far

Capt Aizen: well next time i’m in seattle
Me: I should get a nap (and cum) before one of them wakes up. One already talking in her sleep… Come here often?

Capt Aizen: well be a good girl and moan my name when u do cum
Me: There’s that name dilemma…

Capt Aizen: (*Name removed), u dirty slut
Me: I know. Your name hurts (*It is the same as Sir’s)

Capt Aizen: call me daddy =)
Me: Maybe

Capt Aizen: lol then call me Captain Aizen!!
Me: Before you go torture that girl more, will you please email me?

Capt Aizen: yes dear
Me: Thank you. Now I am seriously overdue for an orgasm. It is National Orgasm Day after all. Have a very pleasant sadistic evening.

Capt Aizen: Oh I will, I think she woke up. Time to get my cock wet. =) Ciao!
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