Submit To This Man. Serve Him.

This was going to be my scene. I do not prefer to be the one in control in a sexual situation, but I had orders to follow. To submit to this man. Serve him, all of him… not just his cock, to the best of my ability. Unless this man told me otherwise, he would simply allow me to service him.

I asked him to play his choice of music and excused myself. I prepared myself and the bathroom. Fresh, clean towels; a soft, fluffy washcloth; candles; and shampoos and soaps were all set up. The bedroom was ready. With everything done, my subby mindset started creeping into my head. I flipped off the light and returned to him.

He was sitting, waiting for me, and listening to his music. Slow, classic rock. A good choice. I undressed and stood there naked for a moment. He said and did nothing, so I continued.

I held out my hands. He took them in his own and stood up. I ran my hands slowly up his arms, over his shoulders, and down his back. His muscles were so tense. “Serve all of him.” He needed to relax.

I slipped my fingers into the waistband of his boxers, slowly knelt in front of him, and slid them down and held them while he stepped out. I paused a moment to admire his cock, looking, but not touching. I looked up at him and smiled, but he still said nothing. I wanted to take it into my mouth. “Not just his cock.” I stood up and held his bathrobe for him. After he slipped into it, I slipped mine on and took his hand.

I led him into the candlelit bathroom. My bathrobe came off, then the water went on. I reached up and slipped his off. He walked into the shower and adjusted the temperature. I wanted him to just throw me down on the bench and fuck me, but this wasn’t about me. If he wanted to, he would.

Until then, I would continue to clean him. I shampooed his hair, massaging his scalp, letting the water run over him. I lathered the washcloth and began to clean his body, sliding the bubbles over his skin, admiring his back, arms, and chest. His muscles were much less tense now. I knelt and washed his ass especially well, then turned my attention to his cock. I washed him sensually, but not sexually. I slid the bubbles down his thighs and calves. I rinsed him and indicated he should sit. I knelt back down and washed his feet for him, especially sensually. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy that.

Another quick rinse, and then I couldn’t keep my mouth off of his cock anymore. I greedily gobbled it into my mouth and started massaging it with my tongue. But the time he was fully erect, he was already down my throat and fucking it. The combination of the candlelit shower, hot water running on my back, my subby mood, and a cock down my throat about pushed me right over the edge.

I almost let myself go then, but realized in time that I need to keep my wits about me… I was the one running this show for now. Regretfully, I slowed my pace to a tease. Instead of tuning in on the frequency of my cunt, I focused on him. I felt his pulse in my mouth. I could hear his breathing. I could feel different muscles in his body relaxing and contracting. I was determined then to make sure that I completely relaxed every single muscle in his tense body before I was done tonight. While I was at it, I would completely relax his mind. Now that we were clean, it was time to move. I got out of the shower and quickly toweled myself off. I then waited, standing submissively, holding his towel and waiting for him.  I dried him and we slipped on our robes and moved to the bedroom.

I dropped my robe immediately and stood by the bed, legs apart, head down, arms behind my back… waiting while he adjusted the music. I listened for any word from him indicating some action I was to take. I ached for any touch he might decide to make. But there were none. He settled down naked on the bed and closed his eyes. I stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do next. “Serve him,” I heard in my head.

I crawled into the bed, and began worshiping his body with my hands, lips, and tongue. I slowly worked my way down his chest and stomach, and then on down his legs. I worked my way back up his legs even slower, concentrating on his inner thighs. His cock was at full attention, but I ignored it for now. He could always grab me by the hair if he wanted. I spread his legs and settled comfortably in between. I worshiped his balls and his ass, licking, kissing, and sucking until he began to writhe around.

Then I turned my attention on his cock. If I was to serve him to the best of my ability, I needed his cock in my mouth. I tuned back in to his body again, feeling his breathing, controlling his muscles with my mouth and throat, massaging his entire body using just my mouth on his cock. I kept bringing him close to exploding and sending him back slowly, each time holding him there longer, sending him back slower, prolonging his sensations. Teasing him with just my lips and tongue on the tip, swallowing him all the way working his head with my throat and fighting my own orgasms, and everywhere in between. From his reactions, I knew I was hitting every single button just right. It became harder and harder to not think about my cunt aching for cock.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed cock. The greedy slut part of me pushed the serving submissive out of the way and I moved up and slid my self onto his cock. I did hold myself back enough to move slowly and deliberately, moving my hips and cunt muscles only, keeping him deep inside. It only took a moment for me to cum, silently. Silence was another rule I was supposed to follow. I kept my pace slow, watching him enjoy my ride, using my cunt to please him, but all too soon, my body took over and I began fucking him harder, using his cock for my own pleasure. I came twice in a row, hard, and anything but silently. I stopped, still twitching, and waited for my body to calm down. It seemed to be what he had been waiting for.

“I want you to use your hands now.” Those were the first words spoken by either of us. I quickly obeyed, moved my position and lubed my hands. I do love working a cock with my hands. With his entire body again being controlled by my movements, I began slowly. Anytime I felt him begin to tense, I slowed or changed my movements until he relaxed. After a while, he no longer tensed. Finally I felt him totally relax, completely let go. I held him there for a few minutes until his long, slow, rolling orgasm flowed out of him. It was amazing to watch a man so completely relaxed and cuming. It lasted forever. His only sound was a combination of a quiet groan and a happy sigh.

Without words from me still, I quietly got up and left him to his rest. I felt satisfied that I had competed what I had set out to. “To submit to this man. Serve him, all of him… not just his cock, to the best of my ability.” Even if the words I heard in my head had a voice other than my own, I had given the orders to myself. And the man I had ordered myself to submit to, sleeping peacefully now, is my husband.
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