Sore, Bruised, and Happy

I let the sub in me out to play today. She has been hiding for two months afraid to feel the hurt that the breakup with Sir caused. I thought she might never come out again.

I have been playing with friends, and have been submissive with them, but more on a fun, playful level. And a good time has been had by all. But there has not been a conscious handing over of power, a mental shift that puts me in that sub/slave mindset.

I have been missing that peaceful, centered place.

The other night, my complete submission was forced, taken from me. For that scene, that is what needed to happen. It is highly recommended you don’t try that one at home! 😉

Tonight I walked in, willing handed over that power, knelt down, and offered myself to a new Master. I had almost forgotten how truly freeing that feeling is. I thoroughly enjoyed myself this evening, and am looking forward to seeing him again.

I am sure I will write more, but right now I am just enjoying this completely contented feeling… sore, bruised, and happy.
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2 Responses
  1. mollyskiss says:

    Sore, bruised and happy? *sigh…… Lucky you, what a perfect state to be in.

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  2. cadencerayne says:

    Good for you, sometimes we get hung up on the past and forget to live in the present!