My God It’s Full Of Stars…

He said before I left this afternoon “I wonder what you’re going to write about this.” I am wondering myself…

I don’t know what to say. Wow! I am stunned. I called “yellow” on orgasms. I had to or I was going to become catatonic. I did not call it without a lot of begging, crying, and fighting to get away for about five hours, though. It was a long struggle just to form the word.

It wasn’t pain I was fighting. It was pleasure. Too many orgasms. (I know, I can’t believe I just said that, either.) I am still twitching.

He just completely ignored my pleas and continued to use my body however he wished. He has an amazing selection of toys and kept himself entertained with various combinations. He also fucked my throat and every other hole so many different ways.

The sensations were incredible and I just kept cuming… for FIVE HOURS! Even during the face fucking… I don’t think I have ever blacked out… spaced out… checked out… whatever you call it so many times before.

And the pain… Oh the pain! It was a blessed relief from all that pleasure. I was very happily floating. *sigh*

He kept pulling me back, though, with those damned orgasms. Then pushing me right back out into space with pain. A human yo-yo.

I know he will read this, so I will publicly say “Thank you for ignoring me. Chaining me to the wall was an unexpected pleasure. These cuff marks will probably bruise too. Still grinning. ;)”

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