Just A Bratty Bottom For Now

Me: Good morning Sir

Sir: Good morning slut

Me: Hopefully a slut today…

Oh please don’t let anything get in the way of tonight!

Sir: Have you anchored down a regular Dom? Or you truly slutting it out?

He hasn’t asked this before. It’s not like I have been hiding anything. He rarely visits my blog, though, unless I send him a link. I only send him links if it is about him. I’m not the type to flaunt it in his face. But anything he asks me I will answer honestly.

Me: Two Doms. Not submitting to the same extent with either of them. Having fun but still lacking…

I wrote about the difference of Submissive vs. Submitting to me before.

Sir: Hmmm. I’m a hard shoe to fill I suppose.

That does sound very arrogant, doesn’t it? I would think so if I read it. But that is a statement of pure fact, and he is fully aware of that fact. That connection we had, that 100% submission… body, mind, heart, and soul. The complete communication and sync… I miss it. I crave it. But only from one man at this time. I have not yet met another man I could have this with.

Me: Yes Sir, but a part of what you gave me was a result of what I put into it. Reluctant to give that much of myself again.

Reluctant? Terrified! That was the first wall that was built. “Must not give 100% of self… hurts too bad…”

Sir: Understood.

Me: Just a bratty bottom for now. 😉

And having one hell of a good time being a bratty bottom. Even if I am holding part of myself (the core of myself) back, I am still having completely awesome hot sex with two very creative and talented men. I am not the type to pout in a corner about things that I absolutely can not help right now.

So now let the brattiness and sluttiness continue… 7 1/2 hours to go…
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