HNT: "Bound"

This is the moment when it all sinks in. Now I am bound. At this point, it’s all about trust. Anything can happen now.

He calmly, efficiently checks the restraints. He reminds me I will not be able to break out of his new ankle cuffs. He is right.

Then he takes a break, savouring his work, watching me, determining his next action. He reminds me what a slut this makes me. What kind of woman goes to see a man and begs to be tied up, beaten, and tortured? A couple strikes with a crop on my inner thighs makes me jump. He then shoves two fingers in my cunt and brings them to my mouth telling me to taste how wet I am.

He is right again. The realization that this is crazy, and yet here I am craving more. The humiliation that I am such a cock whore only makes me hotter The knowledge that this man I have put in complete charge of my existence is about to torture me with pleasure to the point where it becomes unbearable.

I am loving every minute of this. The uncertainty of what he will do. The real fear setting off all sorts of chemical changes in my mind and body. The pain is working it’s magic, too. The effect on my brain takes my mind to a sub-human level, a primal animal mode. I become this creature…

On the date of this photo, he tortured me for hours until I safeworded. I really thought if I came one more time, I would die.

Looking forward to my next visit… :*

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