Girl Time

What an amazing day it turned out to be! I actually had plans to meet someone, but they fell through and I was sad. Then another friend contacted me and asked if I would help him with an incredibly hot scene. I started dripping thinking about it and agreed.

He had arranged for his girlfriend to be blindfolded, bound, and ready for anything. He was going to pull a major mindfuck on her. He is very deviously creative. He told her another man would be there. She had agreed to anything and trusted him not to let her be harmed. A bisexual experience was still on her list of things to be tried, and she had no idea that she was getting that instead. I know how much I would love to have this done to me, and was almost a little jealous, but the whole idea was just such an incredible turn on and I knew this was going to be an awesome time!

Just waiting to start driving was torture thinking about what was about to happen. I put on some makeup, which I normally don’t wear, just for her. Men usually don’t care about makeup when you are already naked, but for another woman it is a nice touch. I put on a pretty collar and waited… and thought about it… Finally it was time to go.

I got there on time. She was in the bathroom getting ready and she was under orders not to come out. I stripped and moved over to the couch. It isn’t like I needed any help getting turned on, but he managed to get me ten times hotter with his mouth and hands. I came quietly, actually triggered by the thoughts that his girlfriend was only about fifteen feet away, he was out here fingering another woman, and that I was going to have her next.

I put on a strap-on and waited quietly as he led her out blindfolded. He lay her down and bound her arms and legs, talking to her the entire time. Very hot talk. I kept imagining myself in that position. I know how it would be feeling to me. Aroused and afraid. Her breathing gave her away. She was a whole lot of both. I was getting so turned on by her reactions to his touch, his voice, his pain. By the time I moved in, I think she had forgotten I was there.

I was grinning, knowing what a total head trip this was for her. I moved in roughly, fingering her clit, shoving my fingers in her cunt, twisting her nipples. After all, I was another man and that’s what she would expect. Her body reacted, but her fear level rose. It was riveting watching her body’s reaction conflicting with her mind’s. Everything I did to her kept bringing her to the edge, but her reaction when I shoved my face in her pussy and went to town was priceless. She safeworded, but not for a while…

I gave her a break from my tongue and brought out the Hitachi. I turned it on low and waited. There it was… the little groan and shudder… *sigh* I love that sound, too. I teased her with it until she relaxed and started to move with it. Then I used my other hand which had been stroking her all over to pull her pussy open. I jammed the Hitachi straight on to her clit, then shoved the strap-on in her cunt and started fucking her. She exploded. It was awesome forcing orgasm after orgasm almost continuously from her. When she finally could safeword again (tee hee!) I stopped and let her catch her breath.

He asked if she was ready to see the man that had just fucked her. She said yes. He removed the blindfold and she looked at my grinning face. Her smile answered any questions. I told her it was nice to meet her, and then slid back down to attack her clit with my tongue. Now she knew I was a girl but she was still bound. I made her cum until she safeworded again.  We let her arms down and I was caught in a huge hug while he let down her legs. We kissed and I moved down again and brought her to a beautifully gentle, rolling orgasm, then moved back up to snuggle.

This is just the very beginning of what turned out to be a nine hour girl-a-thon with a Dom directing occasionally, delivering pain, or taking photographs (all 583 of them). So many things… so little time to type… Perhaps this will be continued… 😉

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2 Responses
  1. mollyskiss says:

    I am not quite sure whether to write, ohhhhhhhh lucky YOU or ohhhhhh lucky her….LOL. I guess its ohhhh, lucky girls. Great post as usual. I do so love your blog

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  2. @HT1_USN_Ret says:

    Sounds like a real good time by all