Fun with Captain Aizen

Poorly edited and not formatted. This is who I blame for my oversleeping today. ;P

9:48:59 PM slipperywhnwhet: *sigh*
9:49:07 PM M: sigh?
9:50:12 PM slipperywhnwhet: Damn. Can’t paste link
9:50:26 PM M: link to what?
9:50:52 PM slipperywhnwhet:
9:54:54 PM slipperywhnwhet: Called a safeword
9:55:14 PM M: ya i read that before
9:55:23 PM M: sorry to hear
9:55:45 PM slipperywhnwhet: Forgot I tweeted it
9:55:55 PM slipperywhnwhet: Not red.
9:56:06 PM M: still
9:56:13 PM M: it was fun to read at work
9:56:34 PM slipperywhnwhet: See the post I just put up?
9:57:11 PM M: yes, i read it
9:57:39 PM slipperywhnwhet: So how was your day?
9:57:49 PM M: was good enough, long
9:57:50 PM M: yours?
9:57:53 PM M: lol
9:58:04 PM slipperywhnwhet: Torture
9:59:00 PM slipperywhnwhet: Still spacey
9:59:12 PM M: lol
10:00:01 PM slipperywhnwhet: *sigh*
10:00:51 PM M: lol sigh urself
10:02:02 PM slipperywhnwhet: Sorry. Not much of a talker tonight. More of a grinning idiot.
10:02:19 PM M: ur always that
10:02:31 PM slipperywhnwhet: Not always
10:02:49 PM M: my little puddle of goo =P
10:03:12 PM slipperywhnwhet: I am way past that… Or was…
10:04:55 PM M: lol
10:05:51 PM slipperywhnwhet: πŸ˜€
10:53:39 PM slipperywhnwhet: Poke…
10:54:01 PM M: /slap
10:54:12 PM slipperywhnwhet: Lol
10:54:44 PM slipperywhnwhet: Easier to poke at a sadist far away
10:55:01 PM M: lol
10:55:40 PM slipperywhnwhet: Maybe not as much fun though.
10:55:59 PM M: true, fun to poke back
10:56:14 PM slipperywhnwhet: A real slap would be nicer.
10:56:30 PM M: mmm much nicer
10:56:41 PM slipperywhnwhet: Then poking.
10:56:53 PM M: =)
10:57:24 PM slipperywhnwhet: Your choice of hole.
10:57:45 PM M: =) hole for what?
10:57:59 PM slipperywhnwhet: Poking.
10:58:50 PM M: lol i can only pick one?
10:59:11 PM slipperywhnwhet: Only one for the first poke.
11:00:01 PM slipperywhnwhet: Youre a Dom. You can pick anything you damn well please.
11:00:30 PM M: go on…
11:01:00 PM slipperywhnwhet: Well, isn’t that the point? πŸ˜‰
11:01:36 PM M: just glad u remember
11:01:47 PM slipperywhnwhet: I am the sub. I like it when I don’t get to choose.
11:01:55 PM M: well u don’t
11:02:47 PM slipperywhnwhet: I know
11:03:08 PM slipperywhnwhet: I get to just react.
11:03:26 PM M: hehe well that depends on how tight the restraints are =P
11:03:31 PM slipperywhnwhet: *sigh again*
11:04:28 PM slipperywhnwhet: Mmm… restraints.
11:05:25 PM M: mhm
11:05:59 PM slipperywhnwhet: Finally one of these guys listened and tied me up very well… I have been telling them it’s as much for me as to keep me still. Plus the I don’t move away… As far…
11:06:40 PM M: shame
11:07:01 PM slipperywhnwhet: ?
11:07:18 PM M: shame it took so long for someone to listen to u
11:07:29 PM slipperywhnwhet: That I asked for what I needed?
11:07:33 PM slipperywhnwhet: Oh
11:07:35 PM M: that too
11:08:11 PM slipperywhnwhet: Well not everyone is used to a girl that needs that
11:08:38 PM M: i like to give them the choice of moving too much =P
11:08:49 PM slipperywhnwhet: Do or don’t?
11:08:56 PM M: don’t*
11:09:43 PM slipperywhnwhet: Easier for me to take more of anything if I don’t have to worry about where my body is.
11:11:22 PM M: yep, easier for me to concentrate when she’s not moving around
11:12:57 PM slipperywhnwhet: Keeps me from falling down or off things. Plus if can’t get away, I get pushed past my barriers. I like what’s past my body’s barriers…
11:13:28 PM M: exactly
11:14:07 PM slipperywhnwhet: (damn. I am going to have to ask you to email this too me again… You make me think outloud)
11:14:16 PM M: lol
11:14:20 PM M: ok
11:14:36 PM M: we are a good match
11:15:04 PM slipperywhnwhet: Except for that distance thing. But mentally yes.
11:17:03 PM slipperywhnwhet: My own sadist to interview… And who, admitedly, can turn me on as well…
11:17:43 PM slipperywhnwhet: Although right now a breeze would turn me on…
11:17:51 PM M: well good, i wouldn’t be much of a dom if i can’t turn on a sub
11:17:55 PM M: hey!!
11:18:42 PM slipperywhnwhet: Working with a handicap here. Cunt still twitching and brain still halfway gone.
11:19:17 PM M: well if u wanna compliment me, dont spoil it
11:19:19 PM slipperywhnwhet: You have the advantage.
11:20:25 PM slipperywhnwhet: Just stating a fact. But not just talking about tonight for the compliment.
11:21:48 PM slipperywhnwhet: At least I am now able to hold up a conversation. Earlier it was harder. Lol
11:23:02 PM M: oh, a fact. well duh
11:23:52 PM slipperywhnwhet: Wish I had some privacy here. And toys…
11:24:11 PM M: feel like playing with me?
11:25:18 PM slipperywhnwhet: How? Not good at online. And no privacy.
11:25:34 PM M: the phone is second best
11:25:41 PM slipperywhnwhet: Can’t
11:26:02 PM M: still hard to have my hands around ur throat
11:26:06 PM slipperywhnwhet: Too late. Would have to leave.
11:26:31 PM slipperywhnwhet: Very
11:27:04 PM slipperywhnwhet: Although than did get a little groan out of me…
11:27:15 PM M: good
11:28:23 PM slipperywhnwhet: πŸ™‚
11:29:38 PM slipperywhnwhet: Switching to a different chat. Brb
11:29:40 PM M: i hope that incest stuff on my page didn’t scare u. is fun for roleplay and sessions
11:30:26 PM slipperywhnwhet: Didn’t see it but don’t care
11:30:37 PM M: u mentioned it before
11:30:46 PM slipperywhnwhet: Jokingly
11:30:59 PM slipperywhnwhet: Fucking with you
11:31:14 PM M: just making sure
11:31:35 PM slipperywhnwhet: Poking the sadist…
11:32:14 PM M: *reaching for the Spatula of Doom (c)
11:32:17 PM M: lol
11:32:46 PM slipperywhnwhet: Isn’t that the point of me poking?
11:33:00 PM M: i hope so
11:33:11 PM M: i really wanna hit u back
11:33:41 PM slipperywhnwhet: It would be nice
11:33:55 PM M: and satisfying
11:34:25 PM slipperywhnwhet: πŸ™‚ ah look… Here comes a breeze…
11:34:43 PM slipperywhnwhet: Sitting outside on balcony
11:34:49 PM M: u are digging ur grave
11:35:06 PM slipperywhnwhet: πŸ˜‰
11:35:25 PM slipperywhnwhet: Dripping wet…
11:36:01 PM M: i like a girl who isn’t squeemish about abuse
11:37:02 PM slipperywhnwhet: I like a guy who isn’t squeemish about giving it
11:39:18 PM slipperywhnwhet: Now I am thoroughly distracted
11:39:44 PM M: ur allowed to get ur fingers wet if u like
11:40:05 PM slipperywhnwhet: Need to back in my room
11:40:51 PM slipperywhnwhet: Much better
11:41:45 PM slipperywhnwhet: Although that makes me type slower and messier
11:42:03 PM slipperywhnwhet: One handed
11:42:03 PM M: lol so?
11:42:14 PM slipperywhnwhet: Like now. πŸ˜‰
11:42:41 PM M: good to know ur hands are busy too
11:42:59 PM slipperywhnwhet: Mmm
11:43:45 PM slipperywhnwhet: May I cum?
11:44:06 PM M: already? no
11:44:21 PM slipperywhnwhet: Rrr
11:44:48 PM slipperywhnwhet: Damn
11:44:55 PM M: that bad?
11:45:06 PM slipperywhnwhet: No
11:45:21 PM slipperywhnwhet: But would be so easy
11:46:08 PM M: lol good to know
11:47:04 PM slipperywhnwhet: Very nice just plaaying with my clit thougb
11:47:24 PM M: im sure it’d be fun to watch
11:48:06 PM slipperywhnwhet: *groan*
11:48:48 PM slipperywhnwhet: I want to cum.
11:49:12 PM M: say please. 8o|
11:49:28 PM slipperywhnwhet: May I please cum?
11:49:32 PM M: no
11:49:41 PM slipperywhnwhet: Rrrrrrrrrrr
11:50:01 PM M: ok, right now. cum
11:51:02 PM slipperywhnwhet: Ty
11:51:52 PM M: mmm good one?
11:52:14 PM slipperywhnwhet: Gentle and rolling
11:52:25 PM M: well we just met =P
11:52:51 PM slipperywhnwhet: πŸ˜›
11:53:30 PM slipperywhnwhet: Still typing slow..
11:54:23 PM M: lol good
11:54:32 PM M: i still have my hands full
11:54:40 PM slipperywhnwhet: May I please cum again?
11:55:10 PM M: of course not
11:55:44 PM slipperywhnwhet: Mmm.
11:56:20 PM M: hold ur breathe til i say
11:56:26 PM M: ready?
11:56:30 PM slipperywhnwhet: Y
11:56:49 PM M: i said so
11:57:01 PM slipperywhnwhet: Y for yes
11:57:06 PM M: oh lol
11:57:15 PM M: go
11:57:35 PM M: stop
11:57:44 PM slipperywhnwhet: K
11:58:33 PM M: go
11:59:11 PM M: stop
11:59:13 PM slipperywhnwhet: had to stip
11:59:31 PM M: so close
11:59:43 PM slipperywhnwhet: Wasn’t ready
12:00:48 AM M: hehe
12:00:55 AM M: go
12:00:59 AM slipperywhnwhet: K
12:01:25 AM M: stop
12:01:32 AM slipperywhnwhet: Mhdv
12:02:13 AM slipperywhnwhet: Just hit keyboard
12:02:19 AM M: hehe u ok
12:02:40 AM slipperywhnwhet: May I please cum again?
12:02:59 AM M: hold ur breathe first, then cum.
12:03:06 AM slipperywhnwhet: Y
12:04:04 AM slipperywhnwhet: πŸ™‚
12:04:43 AM M: =)
12:05:59 AM slipperywhnwhet: Still wish there were hands around my throat and a cock pounding me
12:06:21 AM M: like mine?
12:06:28 AM slipperywhnwhet: Yes
12:06:45 AM slipperywhnwhet: Your cock would do nicely
12:07:08 AM slipperywhnwhet: But I would be screaming
12:07:14 AM M: good
12:07:25 AM M: maybe crying too
12:08:02 AM slipperywhnwhet: Why
12:08:14 AM M: is hot =)
12:08:45 AM slipperywhnwhet: What making me cry?
12:09:04 AM M: choking u and raping ur pussy
12:09:26 AM slipperywhnwhet: πŸ˜€
12:10:14 AM slipperywhnwhet: Nice
12:10:33 AM M: even ur ass if ur lucky
12:10:54 AM slipperywhnwhet: Hope I’m lucky
12:11:39 AM slipperywhnwhet: Missing that
12:11:57 AM M: i hope ur lucky too
12:11:58 AM slipperywhnwhet: Toys but no cock lately. πŸ™
12:12:48 AM slipperywhnwhet: What position? πŸ˜‰
12:13:05 AM M: my fav for anal is u on top
12:14:23 AM slipperywhnwhet: …
12:14:28 AM M: ?
12:14:54 AM slipperywhnwhet: Still here. Ditracted tho
12:15:18 AM M: hehe
12:15:30 AM M: ever do anal on top?
12:15:48 AM slipperywhnwhet: You are putting pleaant thoughts in my head. Yea.
12:16:52 AM slipperywhnwhet: Bound no
12:16:58 AM M: hmm?
12:17:55 AM slipperywhnwhet: Was thinking would be easier with somthing helping hold me up
12:19:02 AM slipperywhnwhet: Nice thought
12:19:03 AM M: brace on my hands and ride
12:19:27 AM slipperywhnwhet: πŸ™‚
12:20:21 AM slipperywhnwhet: Then you couldn’t have them on my throat
12:20:58 AM M: well one hand
12:20:59 AM slipperywhnwhet: Or nipples…
12:23:26 AM M: clamps
12:23:38 AM slipperywhnwhet: Mmm
12:24:53 AM slipperywhnwhet: May I please cum again?
12:24:59 AM M: lol no
12:25:21 AM slipperywhnwhet: And if I do?
12:26:13 AM slipperywhnwhet: Usually can’t hold back more than one or two.
12:26:22 AM M: cum now
12:27:39 AM slipperywhnwhet: …
12:29:03 AM slipperywhnwhet: Ahhh
12:30:52 AM slipperywhnwhet: My hips are going to be sore tomorrow. Ow. Tummy muscles too.
12:30:59 AM M: lol good
12:32:13 AM slipperywhnwhet: Dragging my finger over my clit hard right now is making me jump in a very nice way
12:32:29 AM M: drag it over ur ass too
12:32:30 AM slipperywhnwhet: Very sensitive
12:33:19 AM slipperywhnwhet: Hmm. Same reaction. But have to stop
12:34:32 AM slipperywhnwhet: Oop/
12:35:19 AM slipperywhnwhet: That’s why I had to stop
12:35:41 AM slipperywhnwhet: Too close. Oops.
12:35:55 AM M: hehe
12:36:25 AM slipperywhnwhet: Snuck another one in. ;D
12:36:33 AM M: mmmm slut
12:36:45 AM slipperywhnwhet: Yes
12:38:32 AM M: =)
12:39:20 AM slipperywhnwhet: How are your hands doing?
12:39:35 AM M: sticky now
12:39:41 AM slipperywhnwhet: πŸ™‚
12:40:11 AM slipperywhnwhet: I would lick them off for you if I could…
12:40:26 AM M: u will, dont worry
12:40:50 AM M: how do u feel about name calling?
12:41:33 AM slipperywhnwhet: As long as it’s not fat or stupid I e
12:41:37 AM slipperywhnwhet: Njoy it
12:41:58 AM M: mkay then
12:42:50 AM slipperywhnwhet: Back outside
12:42:56 AM M: lol
12:43:43 AM slipperywhnwhet: Up a bit longer but not long
12:43:50 AM M: same
12:44:26 AM slipperywhnwhet: Want a sandwich
12:46:24 AM M: just a sandwich then u can curl at my feet
12:46:37 AM slipperywhnwhet: Nice
12:48:14 AM slipperywhnwhet: Not curl up in bed?
12:48:25 AM M: id be in a chair silly
12:48:48 AM slipperywhnwhet: K
12:49:26 AM slipperywhnwhet: Brb
12:51:59 AM slipperywhnwhet: Pb&j
12:53:12 AM M: omnomnom
12:53:45 AM slipperywhnwhet: It is good
12:54:44 AM slipperywhnwhet: Curling up grinning
12:54:54 AM M: =) nice
12:54:59 AM M: glad i could help
12:55:05 AM slipperywhnwhet: Ty
12:55:19 AM M: lol say it right if ur gunna thank me
12:55:33 AM slipperywhnwhet: Thank you
12:55:42 AM M: better
12:55:48 AM M: you’re welcome
12:56:58 AM slipperywhnwhet: I think I’m going to drift off to sleep
12:57:08 AM M: ok, ciao
12:57:17 AM slipperywhnwhet: :*
12:57:41 AM slipperywhnwhet: Email this. πŸ˜‰
12:58:28 AM slipperywhnwhet: *happy sigh*

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