Consensual Nonconsent

I have been censoring myself on my blog. My brother-in-law has been reading this. He found the site accidentally because of a file I left when using his computer. This is a public website, unless I choose to make it private. If I publish something here, he is currently well within his rights to read it. And he has been. I can see what pages he has been reading and what he has been searching on this site.

He finds this part of me and the entire concept of BDSM to be repulsive and mentally deranged. That is also his right. I can understand that from his point of view, based on his morals and life experiences, what I write about is pretty fucking sick and twisted. Quite probably the majority of the population would agree with him. I have learned, though, that there is also a significant and growing percentage of the population think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Safe, Sane, and Consensual kink.

I have asked him to stop reading this blog. I need to be able to write freely here. I have to write.

This blog is primarily for me. It is a journal, a tool. When I write the jumbled thoughts in my head down and all of the emotions, good and bad, I can take a step back and learn from what I have written. I do not plan topics or intentionally write in any certain way. Whatever flows out usually tells its own story to me. I am writing to myself, but by making it public, I receive comments, feedback, and support. For me, these are also very valuable tools. Right now there is a lot of stuff in my head, and it needs to come out so it can tell me what it must.

This has ended up becoming a really long disclaimer. I am going to write what I need to. Anyone that gets offended yet continues to read this blog are making a choice I cannot control. I was recently reminded that sometimes removing consent doesn’t mean anything. That’s what I am going to write about now. The real story behind this disclaimer:

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  1. Personal and creative freedom is so important! I hope that jackass didn't try to make you feel like shit for expressing yourself or living your life in the manner of your choosing. Keep up the good work, Laurie, and don't change for anyone! M x