This is why I need my laptop back. I borrowed my brother-in-law’s desktop yesterday to do some things. (Still trying to fix the change to a new domain.) I thought I had cleared my history, but apparently left something. Somebody browsed quite a few of my pages last night.

This is a message I woke up to:

“And you think I’m disturbed, this is way beyond my sociopathic tendencies. You need help.”

“You have known me forever. I have always been a slut and you know that. The only difference is now I am seeing fewer people, but they have more equipment. And I’m writing about it, supposedly anonymously…”

I really don’t think he will ever understand, but at least it’s out in the open.

Later: He seemed surprised when I asked once he knew it was me and found it disturbing, why he went back two hours later and opened several more pages. He said “To read.”

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5 Responses
  1. mollyskiss says:

    Could this be one of to say those moments to say 'Better out than in!?'


    • iSlut_ says:

      Well at least I won't have to worry about hiding bruises.

      We talked this morning and I said he could ask any question. Also that I would tell him if something was none of his business. He said he already knew way more than he wanted to.

      Funny. My husband said the same thing when I got into BDSM. 🙂

  2. mollyskiss says:

    I don't bother hiding any more. This is me, it makes me happy, accept it or don't. I am happy now.

  3. mollyskiss says:

    Oh yes i agree. If people want to know or are curious then all good, but I wont rub rub their noses in it. It amazing though how many people are secretly curious but just take the time to pluck up courage to ask. Once they know I am happy to try to explian they instantly relax. I have had some great convo's over the past year with people.

    Great blog btw, keep it up!
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