A Sadist Invented Epillation

It had to be a sadist that invented this. If you think yanking all if the hair off your legs is painful, try your armpits… or your genitals…

After I have been using one for a while, the pain becomes tolerable. I have epillated all of my pubic hair before and kept it off. But it’s been awhile. I am starting over again. I think I will leave my pussy alone this time. I am still fighting ingrown hairs.

Starting over means it hurts like hell, even just on my legs. I am a painslut, and have to keep taking breaks. My legs currently feel like they are on fire. And I am not done yet.

The benefits of this torture? No stubble for weeks. Like waxing but cheaper and I can do it easily. Well, if I don’t safeword myself…

I always thought this would be more appropriate with me bound and someone else inflicting the pain. A ball gag or earplugs would be recommended…

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