72 Hours- Football and Clean Up on Aisle 12

The pro football Hall of Fame Game is on right now. Why does that make my mouth water and knees ache? Maybe this season I will actually get to SEE a game. Last year I didn’t see a game until the Super Bowl. 😉

Just hearing the game on is triggering all sorts of memories. And physical responses…

I was already all hot and bothered thinking about my date this Wednesday and having a difficult time keeping my mind out of the gutter around family. Then the game came on. Within minutes I was physically aroused and there was nothing I could do about it. There still isn’t. 🙁

Now I have all of these memories popping up. I can hear the game even back in my bedroom. I can almost feel the torture of hours of forced orgasms on that chair, being whipped and brutally pounded by cock, hours of cock worship where I was nothing more than a comfortable foot stool that happened to deep throat. And so many other incredible things. All of these sounds keep triggering these very powerful memories. Powerful feelings, too. Physical and emotional.

And I can’t touch myself right now!

I swear if a man just touched me right now I would probably cum on the spot. I was going to go to the store, but that’s probably a bad idea. “Spontaneous Orgasm in Aisle 12.”

Now I can’t wait for the kids to go to bed. I will either rape my hubby or masturbate furiously. Or both. Both would be very nice.

Please disregard anything I say until I get some cock and pain. My brain isn’t the part of me that’s doing the thinking right now… This is going to be a very long 72 hours until my date…

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