What I’ve Learned This Week

This has been, and continues to be, an interesting week. Just sitting here thinking random thoughts about events and writing them down…

I am very glad Sir and I are still friends. I have enjoyed my conversations this week with him.

Losing that connection, that deep of a level of submission, to someone hurts… a lot… like having part of your soul ripped out.  (That “mark” will take a very long time to heal…)

Do not ever download a file onto your computer without knowing what it is. Even if someone you trust sends it to you. (Well, I already knew that. But now hopefully Sir does as well.)

J has more than made up for not fucking me on our date last week. (And then some…)

I can still get to Subspace. Yay! 😀 (I was worried that I may not be able to without Sir and that level of submission.)

I can still get off on a cock down my throat. Another Yay!! (Again that same worry.)

I do love pain!

J is a very quick learner. So am I.

The week’s not over yet. Tonight will be another adventure.

I have always liked being to be able to choose my style of sex by choosing which man I feel like fucking. (My date tonight, P, is an old friend I was seeing before Sir and a very sensual, erotic Dom.)

Some days I want to be treated like a princess, some days I need to be treated like a whore. (Tonight P just happens to be in town tonight and staying at a hotel near me. What an opportunity! Now I get to be treated like a princess with a kinky twist.)

I love being a slut! I know I “should” feel guilty about something. It’s not “normal” for a woman to act like this. It is what caused the drama with Sir. But I don’t want to “have to” behave! I have always been a slut, and have enjoyed many adventures over the years. Now I can be a slut with all sorts of new toys (and implements, and devices, and furniture, and sensations, etc…)

I can not be binogamous. I have never been monogamous. Every time I have tried to limit myself to only two men (with my husband as #1) because the second man asked me to, I have failed. (I have never expected any partner to be “faithful” to me.)

I slept too much yesterday. I passed out from exhaustion after my date at eight and slept twelve hours. Then I took a five hour nap.  Seventeen hours of sleep means I am still awake at 3 am when I should be getting rested for tonight’s fun… Goodnight. :*

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2 Responses
  1. danimo says:

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a slut! not to mention it's a lot more “normal” (whatever that means) than not, it seems. the key, in my own personal opinion, is to be safe and smart with whatever kinds of sex you get into, and then to have as little or as much of it as you want, as your body can handle.

    although i understand you enjoy a deep level of emotional as well as physical submission, i don't think any dom has the right to force you to be faithful if it's something that you've never been naturally, that your husband doesn't even require of you, and that ultimately hurts you. sure, in terms of the dom-sub relationship you may be okay with a man restricting you from sexual pleasure for a period of time, but that period shouldn't be indefinite unless you're happy with that. after all, being submissive is not about being unhappy, and being dominant is not about being unreasonable! : )

    anyhow, i'm glad you're enjoying your many flavors of men and i hope for only more flavors and joy to come! ^,^
    My recent post we dont sleep when the sun goes down we dont waste no precious time