Ten Thousand

When I first started blogging just about three months ago, I really did not expect anyone to read this. This was, and still is, an online journal of my adventures exploring this strange and wonderful new BDSM world.

But people started reading. A lot. And coming back to read more. Now it looks that probably Wednesday or Thursday this blog will reach the 10,000 page load mark. My facebook fan page, originally created so my friend G could get my updates on her facebook news feed, is now over 100 fans. People are following me on twitter.

All of this feels a bit weird, but kind of cool as well. I am just doing what I do, but now every once in a while I say “Take a picture!” 😀

People aren’t just reading. They are talking back. I receive comments, emails, and instant messages from many. They have asked honest questions, offered support during recent events, thanked me for helping them somehow, or just said hi. (I am not very hard to find @yahoo.)

Sometimes I wonder how people find my site out of the millions out there. Some of the search queries that bring people here are flattering. Some are not. (I swear I never wrote about anal dog sex, but that search brought someone once.) Being one of Google’s top submissive masochist sluts does give me a sense of pride, though, I have to admit that.

I think the best thing, though, is that I have made several new friends because of this blog. Real, friendly, open people. It is nice to have people to talk to about things that I can’t always bring up during my normal day. There have been surprisingly very few kind-of-creepy contacts, and I have only had to block one.

I was just chatting with one of my dates from this past week who is busily plotting and planning for this next Wednesday. I mentioned I would probably want to celebrate my 10,000 hit mark. Then I realized I am a masochist and was talking to a man who has been buying and building new things to torture me with, laughing evilly all the way. I quite quickly added “Web hits…” God, I hope I didn’t give him any ideas! One hundred got me warmed up really, really well, but ten thousand would probably kill me! ;D

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