Sirdrop Saga

One of the benefits of journaling is that this is like an online diary. I write about what is going on in my head. I just re-read some posts. Whew! This has been a very rough month!

Now I don’t know where I am headed, at least in my sexual adventures, but I am very excited to find out…

Here is what I am calling my “Sirdrop Saga” from first to last:

6/26     WANTED: Experienced Sadist
6/28     Sad
6/29     Dominated
6/30     HNT: “What Is Wrong With This Picture?”
7/1       His Eyes
7/2       Permission
7/3       Submissive vs. Submitting
7/5       Withdrawal
7/6       Offline
7/9       Is It Really Love (Or Am I Just Doing My Job)?
7/10     “Breathe”
7/11     Fifty Things I Have Leaned So Far This Week
7/12     I Said “I Will Accept Any Decision Sir Makes.”
7/13     HNT: “Hair”
7/14     Not Released… Freed…
7/15     Awww… Sweet Talker…
7/15     New Divide

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