Morning Chat

*Nothing like dirty thoughts to start off the day…

Me:    My hair is pretty messed up this morning.

Him:    For good reasons?

Me:     Very. Poor hubby…

Him:     It keeps him young.

Me:     Or gonna kill him…

Him:    I want to give you that hair.

Me:    Well we will just have to be in the same place at the same time soon then, now won’t we?

Him:    Mmm. I agree.

Me:    Remember you threatened cuffs…

Him:    I did. And will use them.

Me:    *shivers*

Him:    I have new ankle ones.

Me:    I know. Got strong rope?

Him:    Yep.

Me:    I am in trouble, aren’t I?

Him:    Yep.

Me:    Good.

Him:    Yes. It will be.

Me:    *sigh*
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