I Can’t Believe I Took The Whole Thing

My evening date ended up turning into a lunch date. Not as much time to play, but three hours after my legs are still trembling and feel as if they were made of jello.

The clothespins went on my nipples first. Then torture with toys… *sigh* Face down, ass up next for a hard ride. Trying to keep myself up off the clothespins didn’t last long. And they didn’t budge…. ow!

Lots of cock down my throat next with a bit of crop thrown in… I do love to make a man’s eyes roll back in his head… Apparently licking his balls while his cock is down my throat is a good start… And having tears running down my face while he pounds my throat is a good way to continue…

Next face down again for a beating that had me screaming and sliding all over the place, clothespins and all. Damn those things held securely! Vicious little things!

I finally had to beg to get the clothespins off. Of course by then it would have been much less painful to leave them on… or give birth… I didn’t get any recovery time. My nipples, already on fire, were then whipped. Hard. My safeword actually crossed my mind, but I am a stubborn masochist.

Then a major endorphin rush hit. I love endorphins! After I quieted down a bit and relaxed, he really upped the ante. My tits, thighs, and pussy were all whipped as I came over and over on his toys and hand. At one point it seemed like he was almost fisting me.

Then there was something inside me that made me feel like I was being split apart. I wondered if he was fisting me, but his position was wrong. Before these thoughts could completely form, though, I was over the edge and gone…

I do remember thinking when whatever it was finally came out that it was not physically posssible for me to cum again… until he rolled me over and started fucking me… I was wrong.

It was not until after I got to meet his “friend”. Wow. I would have run screaming if I had seen it first. But I am very glad I didn’t.

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