Evening Chat (Girl Talk)

* For those of you that might be trying to follow along, we are not talking tonight about the same guy I talked to this morning. 😉

ME: You there? Switched back to computer

C: Yes, I am here
C: I haven’t worn a dress for about 10 years

ME: I rarely do, but the dress code for the show was “sexy”

C: I would have worn what I always do
C: Black, black, black

ME: Wrap around dress only held shut by about 6″ sewn in front. It was black

C: Whoa
C: Sexy

ME: Went past sexy and went for slutty
ME: Only problem is the stairs on the ferry are wind tunnels

C: Sweet!

ME: As well as the upper deck

C: What kind of undies?

ME: Black lacy cheeky panties with stockings

C: Sexy

ME: Easy access
ME: Top and bottom

C: Good girl

ME: Started my date out by saying I wanted a pic of me on that cross at with the curtain open at sunset over the lake

C: What do people thing when they go into his house, and see that cross?
C: It’s super sexy
C: But, then I am a weirdo and think things like that are sexy

ME: Can’t miss it… But he hangs an old life ring and ship’s wheel on it…

C: Well that is interesting
C: Did you get on there?
C: I have never been on one

ME: I think it is hot as hell this is built in to this nice cabin
ME: Haven’t been on it yet…
ME: Teased him a bit on it in my bra and panties the other night…

C: Maybe you SHOULD introduce me to this guy!
C: He seems to be a rare find
C: Sweet
C: AND very, very naughty
C: Just the type I like

ME: Let me test drive him a bit for you…. k?

C: No sweat
C: I’m kidding

ME: Believe me if I recommend a man it’s because I KNOW what I am talking about

C: Yes….that is a nice service that you provide
C: Couldn’t resist

ME: And once again blood flow has been diverted from my mind to other parts of my body…

C: Give hubby fair warning that he will be performing again tonight…..back by popular demand

ME: If I am still up when he gets home…
ME: Fair warning… I have corrupted many of my female friends…

C: Well, you would have to introduce me to the most amazing men
C: Sweet, smart, kind, fucking HOT in the sack

ME: I will start shopping for you…

C: Ok you do that
C: If only it were that easy
C: It’s not for me
C: I think WAY too much

ME: There are cures for that…

C: Subspace?

ME: Well, if you could relax and enjoy enough to get there…
ME: I was thinking more about getting tied up and sensuously tormented by some talented man…

C: Oh! Well that sounds ok too!

ME: Guaranteed to get your brain good and focused…
ME: Very in the moment
ME: Damn… Now I have totally distracted myself…

C: Silly gargoyle

ME: Sorry… Thinking about crosses…

C: Crosses and cocks and crops oh my!

ME: OMG that’s an awesome combo!
ME: And so stolen for my twitter status…

C: You may have it

ME: Thank you
ME: ROFLMAO…. what were we talking about anyway?

C: I don’t remember
C: Something about you distracting yourself

ME: The three “C”s
ME: Damn. I wish I could go over there right now

C: Over to his place?

ME: Yes

C: I’ll be back in a few
C: Landlord the fuck AGAIN!!!
C: Can’t he leave me alone?

ME: Fuck him…
ME: (You know it’s different when I say that…)
ME: Computer restarted
ME: Damn I hate it when that happens. 😉
ME: At least mine didn’t start installing updates
ME: Wow…long time… ARE you fucking him?
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  1. So… is she fucking him then 'cos we all want to know!?