100% Chance of Ow!!!

Tweet: Today’s forecast is warm and sunny with a 100% chance of some serious fucking…. 😀

It was a very long day waiting for time to go…  

Tweet: #FiveSluttyWords “See you at the hotel.” 😉 

I arrived at the hotel before he did. He was having issues with the ferry. I told him “Welcome to my world…” It was nice, though, having a man get on a ferry to come and see me… lol! I sat out by the water enjoying the beautiful day until I started to sweat. Then I moved inside.

Tweet: Sitting in a hotel bar waiting for a man. It’s been awhile since I have done this… 😉

It has been quite a few years…  

Tweet: Live music, beer, and a cute barback… Feeling sluttier by the minute!!!!

Definitely noticing all of the men around me… they smelled so good… squirming uncomfortably on my stool… trying to look busy texting… waiting for him to walk up behind me… 

Tweet: Anticipation is killing me! Surrounded by men and dripping wet…

My mind switched into predator mode. There is a reason I don’t frequent hotel bars… it is too easy… every man in here has a room… found out later these were his co-workers. When a really cute guy walked in and smiled at me, I found myself calculating the fastest way to get into his room. I could have been there in under five minutes. I decided it was time to go back outside…
Tweet: “I am here.” “Shit… Beer in a room with men… I think I have started without you…”

Yay! Fucking! I was already warmed up… and somebody was in a very interesting mood… Cuffs and rope… lots of toys… good thing he didn’t have to go through an airport with that bag of goodies! And when did this “Sensual Dom” start playing with pain? My poor ass and thighs… not used to this twice in three days…  The variable speed control on the Hitachi was new too. By the time he brought that out, he only had to set it near me… I was grinding on anything within reach and homed in on it right away. And then it all goes blank…

Tweet: Gotta love the hair! LOL! Goodnight. :*

I am calling it the cockatoo look… It took forever to get my hair brushed out… then fell asleep almost instantly when I got home. 

Tweet: Today’s forecast 100% OW!!! RT @willfulenslaved @SlipperyWhnWhet looks like someone got fucked!! You definitely gotta do weather reporting.

Definitely moving slower today. I slept straight through three of the four alarms I had set… and I can feel every muscle… it’s going to be a long day at work… but I will be grinning with every ache… 😀

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