The Best Thing About Flight Suits…

… is what’s in them. 😀
I saw a picture of a distant lover last night in his flight suit, and it brought back some memories (as well as my wanking fantasy for the night). Getting a quick note from him this morning has already put me in a good, slutty mood. If there is anyone to “blame” for me beginning to explore BDSM and my submissive side, it is him. I thank him for it frequently. Even though he and I never played that way, he saw it in me right away.
We met on a Navy ship underway. We had just gone to war with Iraq. I was totally content with my sex life at the time. I was 36 and had just started fooling around with an awesome 20 year old lover who could fuck forever and was very talented. I didn’t need anything else, especially considering I was already breaking way too many Navy rules.
I had seen him before at morning quarters, but had never talked to him. He was not stationed on the ship, just temporarily assigned with my division. He knocked on the door to my office one evening and asked if he could use my computer. I let him, and we talked about some things I am sure, but my mind was occupied with thoughts of my 20 year old. When he got up to leave, he looked me straight in the eye and said he would be watching a movie in another one of the division’s spaces in 30 minutes. He invited me to join him, but even though he did not say anything inappropriate, I knew he was not talking about a movie. I thanked him and said without hesitation “no”. I had plans to watch my lover play volleyball. He just smiled and left. 
I left to go smoke and went down to the game. I visited with some people, but now my mind was wandering. This stranger was handsome, but what on earth would make him think I wanted to fool around with him? He didn’t even know me. The nerve of that guy! The game started, and I looked at my watch. It had been 30 minutes. I thought how stupid it was for me to even note that fact. Then I stood up and left.
I walked straight up to where he was and let myself in. He was sitting there in his flight suit, actually watching a movie. He smiled a very knowing smile. He knew I would come. I sat down, and some small talk was exchanged while thoughts of leaving ran through my mind. But I did not move. He stood up, walked over, unzipped my coveralls, pulled me up by my nipples, and kissed me. Then he unzipped his suit. Within an hour of our first spoken words, I had his cock in my mouth. Soon after that, I was dripping his cum from my pussy headed back down to the game.

I have always been a slut, but even for me the whole thing was totally out of my character. I did not fuck strangers. When I said no, I meant it. So what on earth made me do that? It was like he knew me better than I did. It was very odd to me how I had felt so completely out of control. I am the one with the pussy, I am used to making the rules. Even though I found this to be disturbing, I also found it to be hot as hell. I had to excuse myself from a late night fuck with my lover, feigning being tired, to go masturbate repeatedly in my rack.

At morning quarters, he was there, and I must have been blushing furiously the entire time. Nothing was said, but a quick glance from him had me soaked. Over the next couple weeks, I stayed busy with work, socializing, and my lover, but  he stopped by my office in the evening every once in a while. Usually I was not alone, but I did manage to sneak away from my jealous lover a couple more times to visit him. And then he and his team left the ship, and I figured that would be it.
We exchanged some emails over the next couple of years. I did ask him how he could have possibly been so sure of my response to him. He told me he could read me. I didn’t get that at the time. We ended up being stationed in the same city about three years after meeting, and I made damned sure to get in touch. We did enjoy some amazing sex, but life and the Navy limited how often. His emails, picture messages, and chat would often keep me wet at work and very pleasantly distracted. I had other lovers as well, but was still amazed at how powerless and controlled (in a really good way) I felt when it came to him. 

When I got out of the Navy and moved up here, he was the one that told me I was a submissive. I wasn’t even sure what that meant. He explained, and I did some reading online. Once again he knew me better than I knew myself. Even though we never did anything BDSM related, he suggested I explore this aspect with another Dom, and even helped me filter through the responses I received when I started looking. I credit him for helping me arrange my own kidnapping and rape “safely”, and for helping find Sir. On FetLife, I listed him as my mentor.

Even if we never get a chance to physically be in the same place again (I hope we do!), he is my “Other Sir” and a good friend. He opened up a whole new world for me, and I will always be grateful for that.

Now after writing this, I need to text Sir for permission to cum… 😉 

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