Random Thoughts of a Grinning Idiot

Floaty, subspacey tweets on the way home from an evening with Sir:
  • *happy sigh*
  • @SlipperyWhnWhet is “away” right now… Leave a message at the tweep… She will return your call when she comes out of orbit… 😉
  • I can’t cross my legs… My thighs are on fire… Ouch! That turnstile is going to get me… again…
  • I hate that thing! You know that feeling of gilding after skating or treadmill? Feels cool gliding up the ramp to the ferry after Sir. 😀
  • Damn I’m hungry… Train going by… Had sex on and under trains. Loud on trestle two feet above your head… but intense…
  • Have I mentioned I LOVE the hitachi?! Then I hate it… Then love it again… Then want to marry it!
  • Ferry is here. Can’t sit near any men. In a fuck-me-right-fucking-now kind of mood. All fired up still… Would jump about anyone… *grins*
  • Ow! Forgot and crossed my legs again. Sir was very cruel to my inner thighs and clit. #VeryTenderBits
  • Almost there and have to drive… Feet back on the ground now. Except for the visions of hot sex with men on this boat. Waves make it worse.
  • I love it when Sir takes me past where I want to be to where I NEED to be. Thank you Sir.
  • Walking alone through almost deserted parking lot at night… My mind is in the gutter… Rape scenarios in my head… I need to eat…
  • Now safely home and exhausted. But still grinning…
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