Packing Toys

Sir was occupied last night and well into the afternoon today (lucky girl), and I had free reign to cum as much as I wanted to. I knew I was not going to be able to once I got home from work, so I decided to make my torment that much worse. Yes, I am tormenting myself on purpose without any word from Sir.

My tweet from this morning:

All I can think of is sex, Sex, #SEX! So much I need to do. Perhaps with a OPHORIA K-BALLS™ & NJOY PURE PLUG combo, I can have both. *grins*

I really hate packing to move, and all I wanted to do this morning was masturbate. At least with my toys keeping me company, I have had a grin on my face all day. I especially enjoyed sitting on the floor sorting things out into various boxes. Each time I would lean over to put something into the proper box, I would clench my muscles and sort of rock forward on my knees to maximize the sensation. The ribbed balls moving and vibrating ever so slightly in my cunt combined with the heavy, full (yet very comfortable) feeling in my ass is awesome! And when they rub against each other, it is very intense. 
It has definitely been a much more entertaining way to sort. It has not been enough to cum from, but has kept my mind filled with all sorts of nasty thoughts. Now I am hornier than ever and still have more to pack, but I have stayed in a very good mood. When I do cum later, it will be a release of all of this built up tension. 😉
Well, back off to do more clenching and rocking… uh, I mean packing…
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4 Responses
  1. Sir says:

    Well ya got sexual stimulation of one sort or another on you mind at all waking hours SLUT!!

  2. iSlut_ says:

    Lately Sir, yes I do. It's all your fault.
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  3. Sid says:

    When the time comes you are going to explode. Good for you!
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