Jealousy, Mistrust, Insecurity

I often wonder at other people’s relationships and just don’t get some of them. But I am sure others look at my husband and I and wonder about us. (Well, those people that know we fuck around that is.)

We have always had an open relationship, even before we were married. It’s not something we decided to try to “spice things up”. There has never been jealousy, mistrust, or insecurity with us. Why, I don’t know. He knows I love him and that I will always come home, although I may occasionally have a sleepover. I know the same about him. I am not saying there have never been any hurt feelings if I made plans with someone else when he had plans, but we have worked through them all and I think 24 years of marriage is proof it can work.

I don’t need to know every detail of every time, but if he does tell me it’s a huge turn on for me. I don’t even need to know the girl. Most of the time I have known his girlfriends, and have even joined them more than a few times. I love to watch him fucking another woman. And I love to help. 😉

He does not want to know what I am doing. That is his choice. I do make sure he knows when I am going to be gone for an extended time, though, out of common courtesy. Many times he has already been friends with, or becomes friends with, my lovers and he is aware of the situation.  I do have good taste in men, and my picks seem to get along really well. It makes feel very slutty sitting with my husband and other guys when they are discussing my particular talents. (I like feeling slutty.)

I have always been very open with my boyfriends and his girlfriends, too. There was only one young man who became obsessively jealous of any time I spent with other men. The funny part was that he was living with us, and when he would tell my husband he thought I was fooling around on them, my husband would just laugh at him. I probably would not have put up with it for 1 1/2 years if he hadn’t been so damned good! 😉 And I was in love with him. Not leaving-my-husband-want-to-marry-him love. No other man could be that for me. But I have loved many of my lovers. (For the record, I was ‘cheating’. After all, I am a slut.)

So I don’t get monogamy. I don’t get jealousy. Sex is fun! Sex with many people is fun! Why get upset? As long as there is no disease involved, and no unplanned pregnancies, why not have the absolute best times of your life?
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  1. danimo says:

    thankx for sharing this; it's very enlightening and interesting. : )

    i, myself, and not naturally monogamous either but i haven't yet been successful at finding someone like me. people either find this to be threatening, or they become enraged with jealousy at the mere thought of it, or they don't understand that being polyamorous/polygamist doesn't mean you disrespect each other and throw courtesy and trust out the window.

    plus, personally i'm too affected by others in a grossly empathetic sort of way, so although going into things i generally don't feel jealousy anymore (though i used to, big time), it still affects me deeply for example when others do, and in turn rots away at the relationship.

    anywho. i'm not sure if i've made any sense but at any rate this was a very revealing read indeed. = ]
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