HNT: "What Is Wrong With This Picture?"

Happy Wanton Wednesday and Half-Nekkid Thursday
There is something missing in this picture. This is Sir on his vacation enjoying his morning coffee. The part that bothers me is that there is no mouth on that cock!
Special thanks to Jade for the mention on her WW post today inspired by my picture of Sir last week. :*

Do you feel like sometimes you want to be a little more than just half naked? A bit more than just slightly suggestive? For the weeks you want to play with the wicked & wanton crowd, feel free to join us on Wednesdays. 

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    8 Responses
    1. nitebyrd says:

      I imagine it might be bothering him too! Have a wicked wanton Wednesday!

    2. Lila says:

      i'll happily volunteer for the job… 😉 great shot!

    3. diasia says:

      The answer to :What's wrong with this picture? NOTHING darlin! Absolutely nothing!

    4. Yes but he still looks to be enjoying himself with a lazy cup of coffee! It must be nice to be able to lounge about out in your yard, naked like that.
      My recent post Have you gotten all your entries in- yet

    5. voyeurondisplay says:

      Morning coffee and a lovely cock.. what more could you ask for?! 🙂

    6. Sexy Tigerx says:

      I must be crazy to not have been to your blog before. It won't happen again!____Yummy lip smackin goodness!____xoxo, Crystal_ _” target=”_blank”> ” target=”_blank”>_