HNT: "Showering"

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday!
Today’s pic is of me getting ready to go see Sir yesterday. (Sorry for the crappy, steamy cell phone pic.)

I had hoped to have a pic from last night to post today, but we got pleasantly distracted this morning and I didn’t get a copy of the photos he had taken. I am not sure what the photos will be of, though, because I was blissfully flying at the time. 

As the bits and pieces come back to me, and this pleasant lingering high wears off, I plan to write about my first figging experience. I can say now, though, that it was horribly awesome!

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2 Responses
  1. Melinda says:

    Happy HNT! I admit I am merely a BDSM lurker (haven't found an interested partner yet) so I had to google figging. very interesting! Can't wait to read more 🙂
    My recent post sittin cozy

  2. iSlut_ says:

    Cute socks Melinda! And don't feel bad… I had to Google figging, too, the first time Sir mentioned it. The more I read, the scarier it sounded…
    My recent post Figged and Caned