Figged and Caned

The other day Sir mentioned ginger again. I knew he has thought about introducing me to figging. I didn’t know if he was just fucking with my head again, or if it was something he was seriously considering doing this time. I do like pain, but so far I had never tried any sort of chemical pain. I was very worried about how I would react to the intense burning sensation in one of my most sensitive areas. It scared me. I tried not to think about it, but failed miserably.

Sir just let me stew in my own (copious) juices on this subject. He did not mention it again, which is unusual, and that made the torment worse. In fact he was quieter than normal overall. He only gave me short answers to my questions and no further torment or tasks. My female mind was starting to work overtime imagining reasons why. I was due for a punishment already. I was wondering if I had said or done anything else wrong. I felt relieved when he sent me a text while I was waiting for the ferry telling me to stick my fingers in my cunt and lick off the juices right then and there. I quickly complied (I was already soaking wet) and grinned at the lady with the “I need someone bad. Are you really bad?” bumper sticker in the car next to me while sucking my fingers.

I arrived at his home during the fourth quarter of some basketball game. I knew my place, and Sir enjoyed his game with a footstool that loves to deep-throat. Apparently I was doing something right because he threw me down on the floor and gave me a very hard, intense ass fucking while the game was still on. If you know Sir, distracting him from a playoff game takes some talent! After washing him, a drink of water from my bowl, and some more sucking, the game ended and I was blindfolded.

He led me upstairs crawling on my leash. After a bit of torment he had me stand up and walked me over to his spanking horse. He had already fucked any fight I had right out of me, and when I heard him pulling clips out of his closet I put my arms behind my back. When he came back they were ready to be clipped together and to the chain from the ceiling. I knew then that he was going to bring out the ginger, even though he hadn’t said anything yet. After using his crop to make sure I was not too comfortable, he left the room. I could hear him in the kitchen, but I was alone with my thoughts. And, oh, the thoughts I was having! I got scared again. Thanks to the hard pounding downstairs, my ass was now extra super sensitive. This was going to hurt, and not in a good way.

When he came back, I smelled the ginger. It smelled so good, but that didn’t make me worry any less. I told Sir how I was feeling. He reassured me that I would be fine, and that he believed that I was really going to enjoy it. Enjoy someone setting my ass on fire? I knew he had done this before, and that he often knows me better than I know myself, but it didn’t make me feel any better. I was not going to have any say in this, though, and I knew it.

He slipped the ginger in, and sat back to enjoy the show while the effects began. It felt cool, almost soothing on my sore ass, at first. That lasted about two seconds. Then the warmth began. Maybe this wouldn’t be that bad. Then the burning began. Oh, holy shit! I started squirming and making noise. I couldn’t have been still and quiet if I wanted to. He grabbed my ass and pushed my cheeks together. The pain level shot way up. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. I remember him asking something, probably how I was doing. I don’t even know if I was able to form words to answer him, or just answered with a scream.

Then the caning began. I was having a difficult time concentrating on my breathing with the two completely different kinds of pain. And each time the cane struck, I automatically tightened my muscles for a second resulting in an excruciating increase of the burn. My muscles pushed the root out a couple of times and I got a brief relief until he shoved it back in. I swear the burning felt worse each time he did. He beat my back, legs, and ass. He was clawing my entire body with his fingernails. Sometimes the blows on my ass would hit the part of ginger sticking out and it transferred the sensation of the strike inside.

I know I was screaming my head off. My throat is still sore today. Then my mind and body did that amazing trick that I love so much. The pain became pleasure. It still awes me when that happens. Sir noticed, and the beating intensified. I started to moan instead of scream, and my body started to strain toward him, seeking the blows. The burning continued, but now it radiated out and felt awesome. I started to get off to the sensations. He started to fuck my ass with the piece of ginger. One touch to my clit and I was cuming all over the place. I was screaming again, but from the pleasure.

After a bit, he removed the ginger, unhooked me, and asked me to stand up. I almost fell right over. I needed his assistance to take two steps backward. With no recovery time, I was spread eagled on his cross facing out, and he started whipping my tits. He applied zippers on my tits, turned the hitachi that was strapped in just the right place on, and focused the attention of his whipping on my nipples. I was cuming almost continuously and riding the hitachi for all I was worth. Every now and then I would go up on my toes because the vibrator was so intense, so he just adjusted it higher. Now I couldn’t get away. After much more whipping and cuming, he yanked the zippers and all of the clothespins came off at once. I do remember that pain, that scream, and that orgasm. After that it all goes blank for a while.

I know I was helped to the bed. I know there was lots more fucking, sucking, and beating. I know I was trying to talk, but apparently not in any language Sir understood. I do remember hearing Sir ask “Are you going away for a while?” And then I floated away, and completely checked out, drifting happily very far out in subspace.

P.S. I got my punishment this morning. It would have done no good at all last night. Just as I was getting ready to get dressed, he brought out his wooden paddle. I took two very hard blows, one for each orgasm I had failed to bring myself to earlier in the week, without the benefit of being in the right frame of mind to take pain.

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  1. iSlut_ says:

    Those zippers left some interesting marks and bruises on my tits! 🙂
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