Today I am feeling quite a bit better. I was definitely in a very low place yesterday. 
I did end up talking with Sir for quite a while in the morning after I posted. He is still on vacation. He did send me a nice pic that made me smile (it will be tomorrow’s post), but it made me miss him that much more.

I spent the early afternoon chatting with friends. And crying. I am sure to them I was acting like a whining baby, but if they thought so, at least they didn’t tell me that. Thank you. One of my friends, the Other Sir, distracted the hell out of me and got me horny as hell and grinning again. Got some more very nice pics from him. (Believe it or not, I can’t post those here.) 😀
Then another conversation with Sir! Just when I was complaining that I wasn’t talking to him enough. He tasked me to wear my balls while cleaning up my old place.He also gave me specific instructions about how and where to cum for him later in the day. Without even reading my post, and without me whining to him, he knew I needed to talk and to be dominated, even if from a distance. I sent him photographic evidence of me following his instructions (which may or may not show up here one of these days), and actually enjoyed cleaning. 

It ended up a good day after all, after a very emotional start. Right now I feel better, and am headed off to work. Two weeks down, two more to go… *sigh*
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