Do you mind answering more questions about yourself?

More questions from Florida Dom (but I will put the answers here so anyone can read them).

“I went back in the archives and you started with an abduction that started this relationship. Had you served another Dom previously? Since you have kids, is/was your husband a vanilla type? And how often are you punished and/or played with?”

My first meeting with Sir was when he kidnapped me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been going back ever since.

Prior to Sir, I had an old friend that was into the lifestyle, but we never played that way. We just fucked a lot. I would say there was some power exchange, but nothing “official”. (Hmm… he lives in the same city right now as you…) I miss that man a lot, but at least I talk to him regularly. He suggested that I should find a Dom, since he knew (and I sort of did too) that I was a sub, and he helped me filter through the responses I got on my profile.

I met one other Dom twice, and although I had a very good time, there was still something missing for me. He was not into pain, and I knew it was something that I wanted to explore. Now I know why.

I arranged my kidnapping by a stranger just to fulfill a fantasy, and did not expect to “click” so well… or to enjoy the pain so much… or to go into subspace the first time… *sigh* (Tomorrow evening can’t come soon enough…) I visit Sir once every two weeks, give or take a couple of days. I have usually earned some sort of punishment during two weeks, but never anything major. Apparently I have a problem with my smart mouth when I am not in the same room with Sir. When I am there, I am very well behaved. 😉

I am married still. Twenty-four years and counting. We have always had an open marriage (I have always been a slut), and he is aware of where I go. He also has a general idea of what I do. He is not into BDSM and does not understand it at all, but I don’t like using the term “vanilla” for him. He is a total pervert and the coolest husband ever! He does not the idea of me being hurt, but despite his preconceptions of S&M, he trusts me and understands that this is something I need to explore. He could never intentionally cause me any pain or treat me like an object. It is just not in his personality at all. He is allowed to ask me any questions he likes, but has chosen not to so far. He just shakes his head sometimes when I giggle over something kinky.

I hope this answers your questions. I don’t mind answering most questions, as long as it does not interfere with the privacy of my family or friends. I did a lot of reading when I was thinking about exploring this part of myself, and still do. I always appreciated the openness of others. I am just doing my part to pass it on.

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