Stupid Things I Say…

Updated: I only managed one orgasm, and fell asleep trying for #2. Forced orgasms are so much easier when someone else is doing it… 😀 I wonder what type of punishment Sir will come up with for me NOT cuming… This will be a first!

I really need to learn to think more before speaking. Especially when speaking to a sadistic Dom…

Me: Sir, can I cum five times? (joking) 

Him: Do it OR ELSE! (shit!) 

Me: I actually enjoyed my punishment swats last night. (The instant I hit “send” I realized how fucking stupid that was to say!!!)

This is the result of my punishment swats last night (for saying “Fuck you Sir” Sunday). This was only four swats. 

I told Sir it looks like someone put a large pickle on my ass and spray painted colors around it… how in the hell did I get a bruise like that?

I had asked Sir to “beat the ever-loving-shit outta me”. He was more than happy to do just that, and very skilfully at that. By the time I got my punishment swats last night, I was really getting off on pain.

I really do love the places he takes my mind and body! And yes, the orgasm restriction has incredible results for me, even when I don’t like it at the time. 

Now my endorphins are wearing off… I can’t lay on my back because of my ass… I can’t lay on my stomach because of my nipples. I had better get working on those five orgasms, though. Thanks to my big mouth, I am betting I won’t enjoy my punishment next time if I don’t! 

(Thank you Sir. Everything was amazing, as always. “Nine holes” and “twofer”… LOL!!)
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