So what limits do you have?

Again I will have to say my limits are always evolving.

Using Sir’s list again, here are the Hard and Soft Limits I am currently serving under.

When I compare it to the list I filled out only 6 months ago, it amazes me how many things have come off of these two lists! As I learn more, and try new things, my interests change, and I want to try more.

Soft Limits:

* Ball stretching
* Bathroom use control
* Chamber-pot use
* Chores, domestic service- just because I hate them
* Cutting- might be moving off the limits list
* Diapers, wearing
* Diapers, wetting
* Dilation- tried it, got a kidney infection
* Enemas, retention/punishment
* Enforced chastity
* Fantasy abandonment
* Forced eating
* Gas masks- wore them in the military, hate them
* Infantilism
* Pony slave- I don’t think I could prevent the giggles
* Serving as ashtray
* Sexual deprivation, long term
* Sleep deprivation
* Speculums, Anal
* Straight jackets
* Tampon Training, in ass

Hard Limits:

* Asphyxiation- breath play is different to me.
* Beastiality
* Bondage, multi-day
* Branding
* Brown showers, scat
* Cages, locked inside of
* Cells/Closets, locked inside of
* Chastity belts, multi-day
* Diapers, soiling
* Fisting, anal- at least on me
* Forced bedwetting
* Forced dressing
* Injections
* Mummification- might move to Soft Limits
* Name change, legal, permanent
* Phone sex, commercial provider
* Piercing, permanent- already have pierced nipples and vertical hood.
* Plastic surgery
* Prostitution, actual
* Serving as toilet, feces
* Shaving, head hair
* Swallowing feces
* Tattooing
* Water torture
* Weight gain, forced
* Weight loss, forced

I am sure there are others, but his list of 255 things does cover a lot of ground.

No underage people is assumed, of course. (No men under 20 is a personal cut-off.) 😉

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