Smoking Hot Firemen

I work as a Nursing Assistant in an adult family home of six ladies while I am going to school. I work 24 hour shifts so I only have to work two days a week, and that leaves time for class and homework.

Whenever a medical issue arises with one of ladies that isn’t obviously life threatening, we call the paramedics. They evaluate her and decide if an ambulance is needed. It is a very common event with the older ladies I work with. And whenever they come, they come in droves.

Early yesterday morning we had two paramedic teams and a fire truck, five men total, for one non-emergency call.  I have figured out two things about the local fire department in the small town where I work. First, they must not get a lot of calls and are bored. Second, they must have facilities to work out a lot at the station because they are all always smoking hot! 

I usually deal most with the sweet, almost shy, tall, dark one with the perfect face and body, and the dreamy puppy dog eyes. He should be an underwear model. I would buy anything he was selling. One other day, he was sitting on my bed at work filling out paperwork while waiting for a call from a doctor. Very rarely am I this flabbergasted by a handsome man, but having him sitting on my bed two feet away had my mind so deep down in the gutter I could barely answer his questions. Ladies, you know what I mean.

For some reason, though, yesterday my attention kept being drawn back to one of the others. He was a few years older than the rest, and more ruggedly handsome than model-perfect. He was definitely the Alpha Male of the group. He was powerful. Quiet, confident, and absolutely in charge. The other four naturally deferred to him and it was interesting to watch.

I know that just because someone isn’t like that in their everyday life doesn’t mean they are like that in the bedroom. But if anyone of those five men was a Dom, he was the one. I would bet money on it. Besides, I am in charge of the fantasies in my own head, and in my head it was very easy to picture him holding a whip. Actually, it was impossible for me not to picture it. I felt my subby side responding to him very strongly, and I was dripping wet the entire time they were there.

Later on that evening after all the ladies had gone to sleep, I asked Sir for permission to cum. He ordered me to cum twice. Normally after a long day at work, I am so tired I have fallen asleep trying for one. I was so exhausted, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to, and told Sir so. He said he was sorry I was tired, but two orgasms before sleep or else. 

I had actually forgotten about the paramedics until I checked my Twitter page just before laying down. I forgot I had mentioned them in my status while they were there in the morning. @Willfulenslaved had replied about coming up with an ambulance fantasy. She said “They could abduct you, carry you away, no one would suspect… they can strap you down, violate with drugs/equip…” That did it for me.

Hmmm… one Dom, four other men, strapped down to a stretcher, and carried away in an ambulance… I came so hard and so fast the first time that I was worried it would take a long time for the second. I was wrong. The thought of having one cock in my cunt, one in my ass, and sucking two more cocks all at the direction of the Dom solved that worry quite easily. 

I had to force myself stop at two orgasms. I had to remind myself I actually did need to get sleep, and dozed off happily after messaging Sir. I did sneak in a third one after caring for one of the ladies after midnight, and a fourth after helping another at 3:45. I couldn’t help myself. Shhh…. don’t tell Sir.

It would make a great erotic story. I wish I was any good at writing erotic fiction. But in the mean time, I am sure those scenes will be played again in my mind… at least once or twice… 😀
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