Showers Well With Others

It is Tuesday morning. After taking my shower, I get to go to work and do it all over (and over) again.  It is shower day at work.

I joke sometimes about being paid to soap up naked people, getting all hot and steamy at work, and the number of different people I shower with each week. Believe me, it is not as fun as I can make it sound.

I realized this morning as I was trying to motivate myself to move that it has been quite a long time since I have showered with another human being.  Well, at least for fun.  I love doing that, and I am going to have to do it very soon.

One of our friends that used to live with us used to have a fetish for soaping me up. I loved the fact that every single time I got in the shower, a gorgeous girl would get in a few minutes later and lather my entire body for me. It was so luxurious.  If there was time (and I usually made sure there was) she would check to make sure I was well rinsed with her tongue.  Damn.  That memory had perked up my mood considerably this morning already!

I also love shower sex with men. My favorite is shower sex in absolute darkness.  There is something so awesome about the sensations of the water, the tile, the hands, the mouth, the cock, etc. when you are deprived of all light.  Mmm… now I am wet.
Now I am smiling on a day that I am normally grumpy in the morning.  Time for my shower.  I think I will turn the lights off even though I am alone.  Something tells me I might be in there a while.  I hope I am not late for work!

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