I am a Jealous, Pouting, Whining, Selfish, Spoiled Brat

FRIEND:     Hey what’s up?
FRIEND:     How’s the horniness?
ME:     Honestly right now about dead.
FRIEND:     Oh how come?
FRIEND:     Tired?
ME:     Coping with my female logic again.
ME:     Illogically mad and sad at the same time. I will get over it though.
FRIEND:     Mad at Sir?
ME:     Yes
FRIEND:     Sad at Sir.
ME:     Yes again. Not really, but the feelings are there.
ME:     More like whining and pouting actually.
FRIEND:     How come?
ME:     He is going in the morning for windsurfing. He loves it very much, and I have always known that.
ME:     So my time with him was put off.
FRIEND:     Oh yeah, I forgot you were just mentioned that that might happen.
FRIEND:     That’s too bad.
ME:     He has always told me when he gets the chance he goes.
ME:     It’s almost amusing me watching myself act like a little spoiled brat.
FRIEND:     It still sucks.
ME:     It’s only three extra days, but I was so looking forward to a sleepover.
FRIEND:     So you will get to go see him soon then, not wait for two weeks.
ME:     Yes, and that’s why all the pouting is irritating… but it’s still there. Logic not helping.
FRIEND:     Jealous brat!
ME:     Damned female brain.
ME:     Jealous of the wind… how’s that for logical?
FRIEND:     Jealous for his time.
FRIEND:     His priority.
FRIEND:     Your schedule.
ME:     I don’t know about that. I have been sharing all of that all along.
FRIEND:     True.
ME:     I think I am just pissed that I won’t get my pain and hard fucking when I want it…
ME:     Back to selfish brat again…
FRIEND:     Yup.
ME:     Actually you always do help a little anyway by letting me rant and asking those questions that make me think. 

ME:     Damn you.
FRIEND:     Damn me?
ME:     Sarcasm.
ME:     For making me think.
FRIEND:     Right.
ME:     Diverting the blood flow back to my brain sometimes…
FRIEND:     Damn me anyway.
FRIEND:     Too fucking cerebral sometimes for my own good.
ME:     Me too. But good sometimes.
ME:     I do feel better. Somewhat at least. Thank you.
I have become spoiled. Sir has been so good to me, and the one time he wanted to use his weekend to do something fun for himself, I got upset. I still behaved well, but my emotions got all screwed up. I am just sad for myself, and it’s not the end of the world. 
Thank goodness I have a friend that will point out the obvious things to me, usually very subtly, and help me work out the crap going on in my head. And damn the female mind for being so fucked up sometimes. 🙂
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