hottest sex?

Hottest sex… hmm… a very broad question. Also thinking about how to answer when I am already super, super horny and stuck at work is making my #NonConsentualOrgasmRestriction that much harder to take. 😉

The instant I read this my mind filled with images of so many different very hot experiences… it was almost overwhelming. I am in my forties, and have been a slut since I was 16, so there are too many to list. But I will still try and answer as well as I can. Perhaps if I broke it down a bit…

Hottest MFM threesome: there have been many, but the one that stands out right now would be D & R. They were best friends, and long time friends of mine. Both awesome on their own, but together their teamwork was amazing! And I loved the fact that they talked to each other about using me as if I wasn’t even there. It made me feel so slutty.

Hottest FMF threesome: this one is harder to pick. First and second place are so close, but I think G &M win. I was held down, pinned by her body with her pussy grinding in my face while together they forced orgasms out of me for what must have been hours. Every single muscle in my body was sore for days just from cuming so much and so hard. And I mean every single muscle, I could barely even move my fingers or toes! I was a present from her to him. They were awesome!

Hottest group sex: I need to work more on this area. So far the only time has been for hubby’s 30th birthday. I gave him three women, me and two others. That was one fucking incredible night, not only for him, but for me as well. Always something for my hands or mouth to do. *sigh* Yup, this needs to be explored further… 😀

Hottest girl sex: Very tough call on this one. One night that stands out would be me and G going at it all out while being watched. After a few seconds we both forgot we were putting on a show, but each time I would remember we were, the thought alone would make me cum. Well, the thought and her hands and mouth…

Hottest vanilla sex: I can’t make a pick on this one, sorry. There are way too many men, way too many locations, and way too many unique situations… I get into sex very quickly, and even a quickie can be hot as hell… The images in my mind are driving me nuts… mountain tops, the hot hood of my car, thrown down on cobblestones in an alley, shoved against lockers on the ship with no locked door (hell, way too many places on the ship), outside in too many countries, warehouses, cars, truck beds, parking garages, elevators, in beds with other people sleeping, main stage in a strip club, various bodies of water, hotel rooms, so many times at my home or theirs… My mind is in overload trying to think about them all. And now my pants are soaked through at work…

Hottest kinky sex: Definitely Sir. I am not just saying that because I am currently with him. He is the first one out of all of them to so completely intertwine my mind, body, and soul so easily… and fuck them all. I am so whipped! And I am not just talking about the masochism part here… Each time I think I have found the best possible sex I have ever had, he tops himself… I have written about some of them on my blog… GOD I WISH I COULD MATURBATE AT WORK!!!!

I hope this answers your question somewhat. I need to stop before I pull out my dildo and start fucking myself right here and get fired… #NonConsentualOrgasmRestriction sucks!

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