HNT: "Thinking About Kink in Class"

Happy HNT!

This is me sitting in class Wednesday night contemplating my next (last) writing assignment. Really, I swear I am thinking about class related stuff. It just so happens  I am also thinking about kink. 

When I write, really write, it has to have a personal meaning for me. When the inspiration hits, it takes on a life of its own. I don’t control the story, it controls me.I learn something new about myself each time I finish, though it is rarely obvious to the reader. I find it therapeutic.

I know what this essay is going to be about. It isn’t a choice. It will be about my submission & masochism and how I have changed since last Halloween. I have no idea how it will begin, where it will go, or what the meaning will be, but I can’t not write it. The story will write itself…

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One Response
  1. Kyle says:

    cute sandals 🙂

    and I find writing therapeutic, and compulsive and a really great way to keep past events alive.