HNT: "My Favorite Ugly Hat"

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday!

“Wait a minute… she’s not nekkid…”

This is me wearing a ball cap. Big deal, huh? Unlike my other hats that I bought because I liked their look, I think this one is rather ugly. But everything about this cap says something about me. Every bit of embroidery and each of the pins on it MEAN something- something that I did and am proud of.

I am a slut that likes to get fucked and beaten. Hard and as often as possible. I am pretty open about that, and I have more photos of myself without clothing on this computer than I do with clothing on. I share photos of at least parts of myself naked fairly regularly. So how “revealing” would would it be if I put (yet another) pic of my ass or tits here?

Don’t worry, I am sure I will for another week’s HNT. This week I decided to go for a pic that is even more revealing in my mind. 

Well, maybe I could show more. Anyone want to see a picture of my rack? Well, here you go! 😉

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4 Responses
  1. janeway says:

    What was your rating?

  2. janeway says:

    BZ on the (SW) 🙂

    and all the other decorations as well.

  3. Thank you, and Happy Memorial Day!