Forced Orgasms

When I cum, no matter how, I always have this point immediately after when I want to back off from the stimulation, whatever it is, even if just for a moment or two. Everything is so sensitive and my senses are overwhelmed. I don’t intentionally want this, but my body will just try to move away on its own. This is not a conscious decision on my part, just my body’s reaction no matter what my mind wants. Just give me a minute, and I will be ready for more.

Often, with a partner, and without something or someone to stop me I have scooted, a little at a time, right off the bed (or whatever I happen to be on). Suddenly I am on the floor or completely merged with whatever wall or headboard finally stopped me, and laughing my ass off about it. Most partners do give me my minute, slow down, or change positions and then the fucking, sucking, and cuming continues and a good time is had by all. Most partners do that. Some don’t.

Some people like to immobilize me. Whether pinning me with their bodies, holding me with superior strength, or getting a helping hand from another person they can get me past that wall. When I am not allowed to move away, or slow down, my already sensitive nerves start screaming “STOP” and it is very uncomfortable. But then, when I am forced past that, I break through that barrier and the next orgasm behind it is at least ten times stronger. The urge to stop then, and my fight to get away, is also ten times stronger. Each time I am forced through that barrier, that wall, the intensity and fight increases. Finally I get to a point where my body no longer tries to stop it. It surrenders to the orgasms completely and just lets them roll until there is no beginning or end.

The addition of leather restraints, ropes, chains, spreader bars, and many other things (most originally from Home Depot) have definitely restricted my ability lately to move away. As an added benefit, my tormentor has both hands still free.

Add into this picture one Hitachi Magic Wand, some velcro straps, a wireless remote control (why did I get him that?), and perhaps one or two things to impale me on. I become a screaming, writhing, moaning, crying source of endless entertainment that can be watched from a distance. No effort at all required on the part of the tormentor, except to occasionally push a button to stop it, just for the fun of watching my face and hearing my groans when it starts again. If that isn’t entertaining enough, throw in some pain, and maybe shove a cock down my throat or in any other hole. Either (or both) just make me cum that much harder. I hear I put on a good show.

Did I mention that Sir is a Sadist? Sometimes the way to pleasure is through pain, and sometimes pleasure becomes pain. It’s a good thing I am a Masochist, because he certainly does love Forced Orgasms. Whenever he is in that mood, I end up honestly fighting with all of my strength, begging and pleading, and (if I am still able to speak) cursing and calling him names like “evil bastard” or “sick, sadistic asshole”. If I had to pick my torture, I think I would pick being whipped over this. I fight less and pull fewer muscles.

Submissives don’t get to pick, though, and I am so grateful for that. I do always end up thanking Sir profusely, not then but later, and I spend days walking around stiffly and grinning like an idiot. This is just one example. I love being pushed past all sorts mental and physical limits that I just can’t get past any other way. And without that help, those pushes, I would have missed out on being able to take absolutely incredible sex up about a hundred more levels (so far).

I only wish I could force orgasms on myself. Last night while following orders to cum three times, I stopped after the first… my “just for a minute”… and promptly fell asleep. Now I am sitting here typing this with balls in my cunt under his orders to wear them all day. His way of torturing me a little while he is still away. It is working. My failure has also earned me a punishment when I see Sir in a few days. I won’t like it, but often his punishments eventually lead to things that I do like. 😀

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2 Responses
  1. Florida Dom says:

    So what was it like having to wear those balls in your cunt. Did that teach you a lesson? And les us know what your punishment is.


  2. Dustin says:

    Very interesting. It gives me ideas… 😉