I am in a room. I am not bound, and can leave at any time, but I choose to stay. Anyone can examine me here at their leisure, and if I choose to remain I give consent. People can freely walk in and out, and they do, but I cannot see them. I do not know who these other people are, or how many are in here with me at any given time. I do not even know when they come and go. Sometimes I think I am alone here, and I may be right, or I may be wrong. Sometimes I know someone is here, whether they intentionally make their presence known, or I become aware of some unintentional sign.

I am physically exposed, but no one may touch me. I have a choice to cover or expose any part of myself, but once a part of my body has been exposed, however, it may not be covered again. Others may ask to see more. I can agree or decline unless the request comes from Sir. If I choose to display part of my body, I must continue to do so until I choose to display something else.

I am mentally and emotionally exposed. I must tell my fantasies, emotions, joys, fears, and inner thoughts, even if no one is here with me. Once a part of my mind has been exposed it is available for discussion and possibly criticism, and I can’t take it back. The others here can ask me any question. Unless it is Sir, I do have a choice whether or not to respond, but if I choose to respond, I must answer and honestly and completely as I can.
My actions and choices I make are exposed. I will share things that I have done and plan to do, again not knowing if anyone is listening or not. Sir can direct me to talk about things I may not feel comfortable telling others. If I remain here, I am implying consent for any comments, praise, ridicule, or humiliation others wish to give for anything I say.

Sounds like a set-up for what could be a very hot scene, doesn’t it? I was checking this morning to see how many hits my blog had yesterday, and I noticed someone was on right then. Immediately I realized not only was my blog was a lot like the scene I just described, but that it made me wet. Leave it to a slut like me to turn a blog into a sexual exhibitionism/interrogation/humiliation type of thing in my mind. 😀
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  1. Sir says:

    Interesting viewpoint.