Did you always like anal sex from the first time it was tried, or when/how did you finally get into it?

I have always loved anal sex. The first time I tried it I think I was 18, and it was my idea. 

My boyfriend (now my husband) and I were in the shower in his room and I told him “Put it in my butt.” He did not argue, and although it was a bit uncomfortable for a minute, I did not feel any pain. I should probably also mention I was totally worked up, and quite high. It felt so intense and amazing! It was the first time I think I felt that completely sub-human animal-like fucking mode take over in my mind.
I actually passed out from the overstimulation, which he was unprepared for. He had to call his best friend who was watching TV in his room to help carry my soaking wet naked body over to the bed. I still hear about that every once in a while from his friend. 🙂

I have had very few times since that it was too uncomfortable for me, probably from not being unable to relax for some reason. Most times, however, I prefer it to vaginal sex.

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