Why am I writing this blog?

Am I doing this for me? Looking inward at myself?

Mostly yes. A journal has always been helpful to me.

Am I doing this for Sir? An extension of my homework to help Him know what’s going on inside me? 

Definitely yes. (Even though Sir most often knows what I am thinking better than I do.)

Am I doing this to share this part of my life with others I know?

A very select few, yes. Those who know me intimately (in one way or another) and who are, surprisingly, very supportive of this.

Am I doing this to seek some sort of validation or approval?

This is the question that is bothering me. I know now that my desires aren’t weird or “sick”. So, why does it matter so much what others think of me and the things I choose to do?

A question to anyone that blogs (especially about ‘taboo’ subjects): What does blogging mean for you?

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