A Slut’s Life in 140 Characters or Less… (Part 1)

A collection of recent tweets about S&M, Boobquake, metal stirrup fantasies, and an old lover in town… Snapshots of my mindstate throughout the past couple of weeks…

  • Work 24 hrs tomorrow… yuk! Homework all day Sunday… double yuk! Monday I am going to skip class and play with Sir all night… yay!! ;D
  • I need it, but can’t get enough of it. I am very cranky & moody without it. Why are you smirking? I’m talking about sleep, you perverts!! 😛
  • Working on my blog site. I would appreciate any critiques, hints, etc.
  • @ButchtasticKyle I am torn between wanting to be “cool mom” or “mean mom” for my girls when it comes to boys and sex… i am SO NOT READY!
  • @ButchtasticKyle mine is getting boobs. at NINE! and she acts just like me in so many other ways, that hubby is already worried about boys.
  • @ButchtasticKyle *putting up one hand* but she is still technically pre-pubescent
  • A serious question: How wet is too wet?
  • Happy HNT! “Enjoying a Nice Day”:
  • How many times you have to poke someone back and forth before it is considered facebook sex?
  • “How to Capture an Imaginary Bird”  Ah… the stuff I have to do at work… 😀
  • When you can’t be a slut… chat…:
  • I am starting to think this cleric is wrong. 😉 I am right on a fault line and about 1 km from another. #boobquake
  • Hmmm… No earthquakes here yet… Time to go up the “promiscuous woman” ante a bit… 😉 #Boobquake 2010:
  • I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. 😉 Cleavage, that is… #Boobquake 2010
  • “…when I am sitting there in a paper gown letting my mind wander… being strapped to one of these tables and used…”
  • FINALLY everyone is asleep at work. Now I can get down to some serious masturbation! (Especially since SOMEONE fell asleep at his computer)
  • @ButchtasticKyle don’t give the troll the power to upset you (has for an hour now). disapprove the comment and ignore further communication.
  • Ladies, show some cleavage Monday 4/26, and help scientifically prove an Iranian cleric wrong! More info at #boobquake
  • Forced to work with an all-you-can-eat-buffet of young, fit, sexy, and willing men 24 hours a day. (Miss it sometimes)
  • Haze gray, blue coveralls, cold steel, and waves still make me wet…
  • Me: Sir, next time you will have to leave the bruises on my tits if you want the doc to notice them. Sir: I’ll cover ya!! Me: Please do!
  • Time to get nekkid, put my legs into cold metal stirrups, and get felt up… Too bad it is just for a doctor’s appt. Another fantasy… 😉
  • A great day after all…
  • The old BF was happy that I am happy with this “kinky stuff”. I seem to pick the greatest guys! Hubby and this ‘Other Hubby’ are so cool! <3
  • An old lover is in town. Hubby will mention Sir, and I will be lectured on “BDSM is for sick people”. How to explain w/o getting defensive?
  • @masterslaves Cock-Master 3000 task for today
  • For me, begging for an orgasm is so much easier to do in person. Text does not convey sincerity, and urgency, as well as pleading eyes do…
  • Happy HNT! “Hanging Out with Sir”
  • @badbadgirlx Sorry, I don’t have much of a gag reflex.
  • I am about to go into class and am trying to focus. But intrusive thoughts keep distracting me and making me grin like an idiot. Dammit!! 😀
  • Into the distance, a ribbon of black; Stretched to the point of no turning back…
  • Only 13 hours and 40 minutes until some serious beating and fucking… but who’s counting!!! 😀 Why is time going so SLOW?!?!
  • Work all day (and night) Saturday… but Sunday is looking good… 😀
  • @badbadgirlx LOL! I put mine in yesterday to make housework more interesting… but i can’t leave it in. Ripped out once during sex… OUCH!
  • @badbadgirlx Are you wearing your njoy and/or smartballs? might make a good walk way more interesting…
  • 😀 “Beat off now! Balls in, plug in, and clamps! You have 5 minute to cum or 3 swats starting now! And you have to put that stuff on first!”
  • I DID hear “Who you callin’ a cootie queen you lint licker” on a commercial on Nickelodeon. Thought I was crazy.
  • Text: “I was thinking of covering you in clothespins and hitting them off you like tee shots with my crop.” Gotta love a sadistic mind! 😀
  • If this is a new type of competition the Army is doing, I bet I could do better than 3rd place! LOL 😉

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