I Really Know How to Pick ‘Em!

I spent hours today worrying that my old boyfriend and my husband would decide to gang up on me to “talk some sense into me” about exploring BDSM and my relationship with Sir. Both are great guys, but perhaps too protective of me. In the past, they have always intervened when they felt I was doing something foolish.

I am SO GLAD I was wrong. I was nervous when he got here, watching him walk up to me. I hadn’t seen him in three years, and only briefly then. The great big hug helped! This was my friend, my ‘Other Husband’, and the same guy that had lived with us for a very long time. This wasn’t a bad guy here to take away my new toy. 😉

The subject didn’t come up until much later. By then I was sitting comfortably next to him on the couch talking about old friends (and lovers). I was the one that brought it up, mentioning it offhandedly. Being the really smart guy he is, he got it and asked if I was enjoying this ‘kinky stuff’. I said I was. He said “Good.”

Now I am not sure why I let myself get so worked up earlier. If he wasn’t a smart, cool, and understanding guy I never would have put up with him for that long. Sometimes I forget to trust my own judgment in men. And I have impeccable taste! 😀 

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