I had my “girly” exam Friday. I used to hate them. Now they don’t bother me much. I was worried this time that I would get questioned about the bruises on my ass, but I sat on them the whole time. Good thing last Sunday wasn’t a tit torture kind of scene! (I have since been informed next time I will be covered in bruises…)

I can’t help, though, when I am sitting there in a paper gown letting my mind wander to fantasies of being strapped to one of these tables and used. The doctors have never commented on not having to lube the speculum before this appointment. This doctor forgot it and when she noticed, said “Good thing you were wet.”

I mentioned this fantasy to Sir, and his response was “Hmmm…” (That response always sends chills through me.) Maybe one of these days he will take me to the CSPC. I have heard they have these tables available for use… as well as so many other interesting things…
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