Superbowl Sunday

I actually got to watch a football game with Sir… LOL! I didn’t arrive until halftime because I worked that morning and had to pick up our dinner on the way over.

It was actually a very pleasant afternoon cooking and eating the live Dungeness crab, Tiger prawns, and ribeye steaks. (All meat, no veggies… such a “man meal”.) Usually with Sir, it is straight to beating and fucking (not that I am complaining… at all…). To top it all off, the game was actually very good.

I was so full I thought I wouldn’t be able to move. It is amazing how motivated I am when Sir gets that tone in his voice, though! The rest of the evening is a hazy, happy memory.

I think the part I will remember most from this day is just hanging out with Sir not the sex. The ugly crabs trying to escape, cooking with Sir, the fun of sitting naked ripping crab apart and dripping butter all over myself, and watching my first football game of the season (even though I had listened to many others in that same room).

Oh, yes, and the first New Orleans Superbowl win ever!
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