I feel so much better!

I have the coolest husband ever! He does not understand the attraction to BDSM, and does not desire to be involved in any way. But he does understand that this is important to me, and he trusts me. I get to continue to explore this side of myself! 

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  1. wow that is love. I know this is an old blog but I'm reading all your blogs from the beginning, I enjoy them so much. My husband does not accept me being this lifestyle and the things I want to do and I have to be so secretive. You are a very lucky woman

  2. Sex Toys says:

    Went back on your blog to follow your story. My husband participates in BDSM with me and it is great but I am glad to see your husband lets you explore it and as the poster above said, you don't have to be secretive which is great.
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